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About New Taipei City (Taipei County)


New Taipei City (Taipei County) is located in northern Taiwan with a total area of 2,052.5667 square kilometers. It surrounds Taipei City, faces Keelung City on the northeast side, Yilan County on the southeast side, and Taoyuan County on the southwest side. New Taipei City (Taipei County) includes a total of ten county-controlled cities, four urban townships, and fifteen rural townships. Moreover, there are 1,017 villages, which in turn are divided into 21,683 neighborhoods.

Cities and Townships

New Taipei City (Taipei County) has the following cities:
Banqiao City, Luzhou City, Sanchong City, Shulin City, Tucheng City, Xizhi City, Xindian City, Xinzhuang City, Yonghe City, Zhonghe City.

Additionally, New Taipei City (Taipei County) has nineteen characteristic townships:
Bali Township, Danshui Township, Gongliao Township, Jinshan Township, Linkou Township, Pinglin Township, Pingxi Township, Ruifang Township, Sanxia Township, Sanzhi Township, Shenkeng Township, Shiding Township, Shimen Township, Shuangxi Township, Taishan Township, Wanli Township, Wugu Township, Wulai Township, and Yingge Township.


New Taipei City (Taipei County) is also well-known for having a wide variety of sightseeing locations. Tourists may enjoy appreciating natural sceneries at Yeliou Scenic Area and Bitan Scenic Area, visiting historical landmarks like the Fort Santo Domingo in Danshui and the Lin Family Garden in Banciao, learning about Taiwanese culture and beliefs by visiting the Sanxia Clear Water(qingshui) Temple and the Danshui Tianyuan Temple, relaxing in the great outdoors at Bali and Danshui, enjoying a hot spring vacation at Wulai Hot Spring and Jinshan Hot Spring, or simply taking pleasure in some casual shopping at Banciao Shopping Area, Danshui Old Street, Jinshan Old Street, Sanxia Old Street, and Yingge Old Street.


The Taipei Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) serves residents of New Taipei City (Taipei County) and visitors with convenience in transportation. Visitors may enjoy visiting Danshui through the Red Line in Danshui, the Orange Line in Yonghe and Zhonghe, the Green Line in Xindian, and the Blue Line from Banqiao on out. It would be very convenient to travel around Taipei.

This area is also served by Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR) through the Banciao Station. In addition, the Taiwan Railway Administration's Yilan Line runs through Gongliao, Shuangsi, and Ruifang; the Western Line runs through Xizhi, Banqiao, Shulin and Yingge; the Pingxi Line connects Pingxi to Rueifang.

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