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New Taipei City ─ Shihfen Waterfall
Shihfen Waterfall-Shihfen Waterfall
Situated in New Taipei City (Taipei County), Shihfen Waterfall is the biggest waterfall in Taiwan. The Shihfen Waterfall is 20 meters high and 40 meters wide; it has been described as a place where angels dwell. Due to the unique rock positions and incredible water speed, Shihfen Waterfall is truly an amazing site. Visitors are able to see rainbow at Shihfen Waterfall if the weather permits.Nearby sites include camping areas, barbecue pits, villas, fishing areas, a recreational area, sightseeing area, a suspension bridge, swimming pool, 120 stone sculpture area, etc. With amazing sceneries, Shihfen Waterfall is a fabulous waterfall that is recommended for your Taipei travel.

No.11, Nanshan Village, Gankeng, Pingxi District, New Taipei City, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

scenery features:

Located in Taipei County, Shihfen Waterfall is the largest waterfall in Taiwan with a height of 20m and width of 40m. The distinctive positions of rock and heaven-like sceneries with rainbows are things that visitors do not want to miss.

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By Bus:
Take Keelung Bus from Renfung to Pinxi direction to arrive.

By Railway:
Take train to Renfung or Houtung Station, transfer to Pinxi Line to arrive.