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About Keelung


Keelung City is situated in the northeastern part of Taiwan with a total area of 132.7589 square kilometers. It is Taiwan’s seventh largest city, and it is also the largest natural port in northern Taiwan. The east, west, and south side of the city are all surrounded by mountains; only a small plain area in the north side can reach to the sea.

The seven districts are Anle, Nuannuan, Qidu, Ren'ai, Zhongzheng, Zhongshan, and Xinyi Districts. Among these districts, Qidu District accounts for about forty two percent of the city and is considered the largest district while Ren’ai District is the smallest one.


Keelung (or Jilong) was called “Ke-lâng”, literally means the rooster cage, before 1875. It has been proposed that the name Ke-lâng was derived from the local mountain named “Mt. Rooster Cage” literally. Keelung was first developed in 17th century under the Spanish and the Dutch’s control, and has became a major trading port in 1863 under the control of the Qing Dynasty. Several forts, trails, and tunnels were made during the 17th century. Also, China’s first trail tunnel was also made at Shiqiuling (literally means the lion ball summit). It was a big leap in Chinese trail development during that period.

The Keelung Port has developed rapidly since 1961, and has become the seventh largest port in the World in 1984. However, due to its limited space, Keelung has lost its competitive advantage and is now focuses on developing its tourism industry.


The Keelung Miaokou Night Market is situated in Ren’ai District. The famous snacks and desserts on Rensan Road are: Tempura, Oyster Omelet, Shrimp Thick Soup, Bean-Sprout Thick Soup, Healthy Sandwich, Bubble Ice, Dingbiancuo, etc. Also, the famous cuisines such as steamed butter crabs with butter, eel think soup, and pork knuckles are on Aisi Road. Keelung’s Bisa Harbor is a famous tourist fish market. There are at least over twenty seafood restaurants near the harbor offering fresh seafood cuisines. Moreover, visitors may purchase fresh seafood in the fish market and bring to the nearby seafood restaurant and ask them to serve.

The most famous snack in Keelung is the pineapple cake. The texture of the cake is between soft and crispy, and it has a sweet flavor. Even though its name is “pineapple” cake, the ingredient does not include any pineapple. Since winter melon has a softer and better taste than the pineapple, almost all the stores use winter melon to make the stuffing. Other than pineapple cake, visitors may also try the curry cake, green bean cake, yolk cake and many other tasty pastries.

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