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Keelung City ─ Waimu Shan Seashore Bike Path
Waimu Shan Seashore Bike Path-
Waimu Shan Seashore Bike Path is the first tourist bicycle trail in Keelung. The total of 1.2km long, 3m wide bike path is situated besides the beautiful Waimu Shan Seashore. At the end of the bicycle trail is connected to Wanli district in New Taipei City. The seashore includes open seashore, marine cliff, and marvelous reef rock. From the bike trail, you would be able to look over the Keelung Islet on the great green sea and the cargo ships are waiting to berth at the Keelung Harbor. The peaceful and breathtaking view is a must-see. You can relieve the stress while bike tour around the spectacular Keelung City.

Nearby attraction: Waimu Shan Harbor, Dawulun Fort


Anle Dist., Keelung City, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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By Car:
National Highway 3->exit at Jijin Interchange->Prov. Hwy 2F → De'an Rd. → Fuxing Rd. → Wenhua Rd. → Xiehe St.