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New Taipei City ─ Baishawan (White Sand Beach)
Baishawan (White Sand Beach)-
The beach is located between Linshanbi to the south and Fugui Cape to the north, in Shimen District in New Taipei City (Taipei County); which translates as “White Sand Beach”, is one of the well-known beaches along the north coast. The 1 km long, half-moon shaped beach featuring rocky promontories as the result of volcanic activity from the Datuen Range that sent lava flowing directly into the sea around 800,00 years ago.

Different minerals created a mottled rock surface. Interesting features of the rocky waterfronts are the primitive fish traps made from heaped landsite and broken coral, where fish are stranded by the retreating tide. These fish traps can be seen along the coast between Baisha Bay and Cape Fugui. The 1km stretch of coastline boasts fine white sand beach with clear blue water. The beach is backed by a hill which is popular with hand gliders who come for the advantage of strong winds coming off the sea. Western end of the bay has a gravel beach named Linshanbi, both famous for its volcanic rock formations and hiking trails.

There is also a bike path at the beach, the place regarded as an ideal place for relaxing, sea-watching and water sports. Beach umbrellas and floating devices are available for rent, water activities and a few snack stalls onsite whenever it’s sunny during weekends and holidays.


No.No. 1-2, Bajia, Shimen District, New Taipei City, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

opening hours:

Opening time : Summer (June to August depending on the weather)

service facilities:

North Coast Tourist Information Center : (02) 26364503, 26361580

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By car :
South bound – From Keelung(基隆), go on No 2 Provincial Highway (國道2號) to Baisha Bay Recreation Center(白沙灣海水浴場).

North bound – From Chungching North Road Interchange(重慶北路交流道), go on No 2B Provincial Highway (台2乙線) and then No 2 Provincial Highway (國道2號) to Baisha Bay Recreation Center(白沙灣海水浴場).

By bus :
Take any of the Danshui Route bus to Danshui(淡水). Then, change to Tanshui Express Bus or Taichi Express Bus bound for Jinshan(金山), Shihmen(石門) and alight at Baisha Bay(白沙灣).