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New Taipei City ─ Tamsui Old Street
Tamsui Old Street-
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Tamsui is not only known for its historical sites (Ex. Fort Santo Domingo) and romantic attractions (Ex. Fisherman's Wharf), but also known for its diverse shops located on Tamsui Old Street.

Tamsui Old Street is located in New Taipei City (Taipei County). A 5 minute walk from Tamsui MRT station can surely fulfill your desires with its surrounded beautiful coffee shops and restaurants located next to the riverbanks. Besides, a wide array of Taiwanese snacks and traditional dishes will surely arouse your appetite.

The street was renovated and broadened in year 2000. The smooth walking paths next to the river with numerous shops provide visitors a more comfortable place to enjoy the visit. Visitors are also recommended to enjoy a short cruise ride to Bali or Fisherman’s Wharf from the wharf located in the center of Tamsui Old Street. The cruise ride will provide you with beautiful sceneries of Tamsui River.

Do not miss the chance to fulfill your taste buds! Taiwanese snacks which you might want to give it a try will be plum juice, fish ball soup, oily bean curd (Ah Gei), iron egg, fried fish crackers, etc. If you are considering having a regular meal here at a restaurant, there are some seafood restaurants as well. The shops are opened till late night; visitors have no worries if they are looking for something to eat late while staying over at Tamsui.

Tamsui Dist., New Taipei City, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

scenery features:

The famous Tamsui Old Street is noted for the massive array of local Taiwanese snacks and seafood restaurants along the beautiful Tamsui River bank.

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Tamsui MRT Station