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New Taipei City ─ Fort San Domingo
Fort San Domingo-
Located in Tamsui, New Taipei City (Taipei County), Fort Santo Domingo has been known for its enriched historical background. The building was first built in year 1628 by the Spanish when they occupied the north of Taiwan. Over the past years, Fort San Domingo was owned by different nationals including Dutch, British, and Taiwanese. It was rebuilt by the Dutch in 1644, and was used as consolation office by the British. The property was not handed over to the Taiwanese government until 1980. It is now designated as class one historical monument.

The fort is divided into two areas: consolation office and the main fort. The main fort is structured squared; it is suitable for defense due to its deep ground foundation and thick walls. The fort was defensive to gunfire in old days. Since the fort is located on high terrain, they did not build prominent bunkers during the Dutch occupation. Instead of building prominent bunkers, Dutch set the southeast corner of the main fort to be the center of defense, which face toward the Tamsui River. After British took over Fort San Domingo, they painted the fort with red color, and reconstructed the pointed styled roof into flat. Other than repainting and reconstruction of the main fort, they also built two balconies on the northeast and southeast side of the building to defend and guard from intruders.

Apart from the defensive constructed main fort, the consolation office is designed by British architects, and constructed by Chinese technicians with fine red bricks. The red bricked building with arched corridor and oblique roof present the typical colonial construction. It has been awarded as Tier one historic site by the Ministry of the Interior of Taiwan. Visitors are able to learn and see how Taiwan had undergone different cultures.

Another highlight of visiting Fort San Domingo is the beautiful view of sunset. Enjoy a moment of romance from sunset is surely a good choice after a long trip. You might also choose to have a short stop at the coffee shops by the riverbank across this building. Fort San Domingo is an important historical attraction that you would not miss out when visiting Tamsui.

For more information on Fort San Domingo, please visit

No.1, Lane 28, Zhongzhen Rd, Tamsui District, New Taipei City, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

scenery features:

Fort Santo Domingo is an important historical asset which tells the history of Taiwan. This beautiful architecture was first built in 1628 by the Spanish and rebuilt by the Dutch in 1644. Featuring two areas: consolation office and main fort, the Fort Santo Domingo is where you can have an idea of Taiwan history, and appreciate the architecture which has undergone several cultures plus the beautiful sun-set sceneries.

opening hours:

Opening Hour: 9:30am - 10pm (After 6pm; only outdoor garden and coffee garden are open to the public) Tuesday to Sunday.
For more information, please contact:02-26231001

expenditure brief:

TWD 60 (Adults)
TWD 40 (Students/Groups with more than 20 people)
The above fees are for reference purposes only; actual costs are informed at the actual venue and we do NOT give any prior notice.

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By MRT- Bus:
Tamsui MRT station(淡水捷運站) and interchange bus no 26. 836 to the fort.

By High speed Rail-MRT-Bus:
Take high speed rail to Taipei Station and interchange to Tamsui MRT station(淡水捷運站). From the MRT station, take bus no. 26/836 to the fort.