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New Taipei City ─ Jinshan
Located in the northeast coast of Taiwan, under the jurisdiction of Taipei County Government, Jinshan Town is famed for its natural beauties, historical developments, and hot springs. Due to prosperous developments in early stages, Jinshan is well-known for its eight beauties, which led a new trend of tourism.

Jinshan was first known as “Jinbaoli”, and cultivated by the aboriginal group “Hoanya”. Later during the Japanese occupation, the name was referred as “Jinbaoli Fort” until the ninth year of the recovery of Taiwan (1903); Jinbaoli was remodeled and became Jinshan Township.

Jinshan is now a popular place for hot spring and sightseeing. Jinshan hot spring is the northern-most hot spring area in Taiwan. Similar to Yangmingshan hot spring, they both lied on Datun volcanic belt, featuring different water compositions. Due to enriched hot spring resources, a lively hot spring area has developed among various hot spring hotels and resorts. Other than hot spring, visitors can visit the historical and cultural sites of Jinshan, such as Jinshan Coastal Plant Life Park, Juming Museum, Shihtoushan Park (Stone Park), Jinshan Historical Street, Cihu Temple, etc.

In addition to the beauties of Jinshan, there are varieties of local snacks waiting for you. The must-taste snacks include famous Jinshan stewed duck, sweet potato, bamboo shoots and many others. Do not miss to visit the historical street of Jinshan to enjoying these delicious local plates! In conclusion, Jinshan is a great place for families and friends to enjoy fine hot springs and varieties of local snacks.

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Jinshan is not only noted for the precious hot spring source, but also popular for its beautiful sightseeing spots such as Jinshan Coastal Plant Life Park, Juming Museum, Shihtoushan Park (Stone Park), Jinshan Historical Street, and Cihu Temple. Do not forget to taste the mouth-watering dishes, including Jinshan stewed duck, sweet potato, and bamboo shoots

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By Bus:
1.HuangJia Transportation (Jinshan-Yangmingshan-Taipei)
2.Keelung Transportation (Through expressway: Keelung-Jinshan, Keelung-Danshui)
3.GuoGuang Transportation (Jinshang Youth Activity Center-Taipei, Fagushan-Jinshan)
4.Danshui Transportation (Danshui-Jinshan)