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New Taipei City ─ Chengtian Chan Temple
Chengtian Chan Temple-
Chengtian Chan Temple is located on the west side of Tianshan Mountain in New Taipei City. It was built by Master Guanxing in 1995 and named after the former temple Master Guanxing studied in when he was young. The temple was rebuilt in 1975. Hiking from Daanmen to the gate is around 30 min hike with greeneries along the trail. The white structure and green rooftop immediately catches your eye after entering the gate presenting a solemn atmosphere. The seasonal Tung flowers have brought the temple to the tourist attention and the temple has become one of the popular attractions in New Taipei City.

The temple situates on the mountain range, thus it is surrounded by mountains. It offers the best mountain scenery in New Taipei City. The unique landscape is connected by hiking trails which leads to other attractions. The woods are a natural habitat for the animals. It is also a great place to examine natural environment up close.

Tung Flower Park
Head up to the mountain from the temple is where the annual Tung Flower Festival is held, the Tung Flower Park. The park is a valley form area, where a stream cut through the mountains. It is an ideal location for Tung flower trees and fireflies. The park also offers several worth visiting attractions nearby.
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Take bus no.231, 233, 705 to Tucheng Bus Station
Walk along Zhongyung Rd. Sec. 3 to Chengtian Rd.