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New Taipei City ─ Xindian River Dahan River Bike Trail
Xindian River Dahan River Bike Trail-
The riverside park between Xindian River and Dahan River is one of best leisure places for local residents to take a walk. There are two bike trails including Xincheng Line and Yinsan Line. Xincheng Line is from Xindian to Tucheng and Yinsan Line is from Yingge to Sanchong. These two bike trails are connected by Hsin-hai Bridge and Cheng-Lin Bridge. Since the trails are well planned and established, they have become popular among local bikers. The trails go through Xindian, Yonghe, Banciao, Tucheng, Yingge and many cities, so people may travel around Taipei County easily. It would be fantastic whether go bird watching at Guangfu Riverside Park, take a walk at Xiulangqingxi Park, appreciate beautiful riverside parks’ sceneries, or travel around through bike.

Main Route: Xincheng Line: Xindian Bitan→ Xiulangqingxi Park→ Xiulang Bridge→ Yonghe Emerald Riverside Park→ Guangfu Riverside Park→ Jiangzicui Riverside Park→ Fuzhou Art Riverside Park→ Xizhou Sports Riverside Park→ Tucheng Mazutian.Yinsan Line: Yingge Ceramics Museum→ Ganyuan Riverside Park→ Xisheng Riverside Park→ Shuhong Sports Park.

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The Xindian River Dahan River Bike Trail is comprised of two bike trails: Xincheng Line and Yinsan Line. The two trails are connected by the Hsin-hai Bridge and Cheng-Lin Bridge. This long bike trail passes through many Taipei districts, including Xindian, Yonghe, Banciao, Tucheng, Yingge, etc. Through the bike tour, you will find the distinctiveness of each Taipei district.

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You may take MRT to Shuanglian MRT Station (red line) and transfer to bus “Red 33” to Xining Road.
You may also take MRT to either Jingmei MRT Station (green line), Gongguan MRT Station (green line), or Guting MRT Station (green/orange line); walk toward Xindian River to enter the bicycle trail.