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New Taipei City ─ Fukui Cape Park (Laomei Park)
Fukui Cape Park (Laomei Park)-
Formerly known as Laomei Park, the Fukui Cape Park is one of the most favored wedding photo spots among newlyweds in northern Taiwan. Lying opposite from Linshan Cape, the Fukui Cape is the northernmost cape of Taiwan. The name, Fukui Cape, or Wealthy Cape literally, is famed for the gust carved rocks as the result of northeast monsoons, and the octagonal lighthouse that was established in 1896 as a significant landmark to guide the boats and ships that has served for over a century.

Fukui Park lies in the Laomei Bay, which is occupied by Fukui Cape and Shihmen reefs. The extraordinary reefs, gust carved rocks, sandy hills, and reef banks along with coast-oriented plants make Fukui Park one of the most charming scenic spots in northern Taiwan. The reefs of different shapes are formed by wave-cut volcanic lava through the years, with ditches in between.

Fukui Park is most visited during the rainy season from April to May, when there are green algae flourishing on the surface of the reefs offering unique sceneries. The park is also fitted with well-shaped pedestrian paths, camping and barbeque area for visitors to indulge in a world of fascinating charms. Visitors are recommended to check the low-tide hours of the day for a memorable trip in Fukui Park to witness the fabulous sceneries.

Set adjacent to the southeast side of Fukui Cape is the first kite themed park in Taiwan, where Shihmen International Kite Festival is held here every year attracting a large number of local and international visitors. With the ideal landscape and right wind direction, it is noted as the perfect kite competition location.

Note: Please watch out for your own safety as the surface of the reefs is rather slippery as the reefs are covered by green algae.

Laomei Rd., Shimen District, New Taipei City, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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By MRT -> Bus
Take Taipei Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) to MRT Danshui Station(捷運淡水站). From there, take Danshui Bus – Jinshan route or King Bus (KuoKuang Bus)-Keelung(基隆) or Jinshan(金山) route to Laomei Park(老梅站) (Fukui Park) stop.