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New Taipei City ─ Wulai Old Street
Wulai Old Street-
Located in the Wulai region, New Taipei City, Wulai Old Street refers to the shopping district in Pubu Road and Huanshan Road. Since the main residents in Wulai are Atayal people, culture of the Atayal Tribe can be seen from the stone-paved roads and shop signs designed uniformly on Old Street. The strong aboriginal characteristics surely make Wulai Old Street one of the most distinctive old streets in Taiwan.

Strong Aboriginal Flavor
Shops in Wulai Old Street are all rich in aboriginal flavor. Whether it’s the delicious cuisine or indigenous handicrafts, they all share the same aboriginal style but unique in respective ways, creating the one-of-a-kind atmosphere.
Wulai features a variety of traditional Atayal delicacies. One can tastes hot spring eggs, bamboo tube rice, wild mountain boar meat, stone-grilled meat flavored with rice wine, handmade sticky rice cake and other gourmets beyond one’s expectation when roaming the old street.
When it comes to Wulai Old Street, not only tasty food but also distinctive handicrafts should be mentioned. There are a variety of shops selling aboriginal handicrafts. Buying as a souvenir or simply just appreciating, Atayal style handicrafts are what you should not missed when traveling to Wulai.
If you are not satisfied with merely tasting aboriginal cuisine and checking out handicrafts, the nearby Wulai Atayal Museum offers further introductions of Atayal Tribe, aboriginal dance performances, displays of cultural artifacts, and handicrafts DIY. With shops and musuem in Wulai, you can absolutely immerse yourself in Taiwan indigenous culture.

Explore Wulai Natural Sceneries
Today, Wulai is a popular place for your Taipei travel. In addition to cultural attractions like Old Street and Wulai Atayal Museum, there are even more natural scenic spots such as hot spring, historical railway, magnificent waterfalls, gondola, and Yunhsien Holiday Resort to complete your Wulai trip. Wulai is without a doubt a perfect travel choice rich in both natural landscape and cultural characteristics.

Wulai Township, New Taipei City, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

scenery features:

Wulai Old Street is the most vibrant market street of the region. With strong Atayal flavor, visitors can savor the Atayal delicacies.

featured specialties:

hot spring eggs, bamboo tube rice, wild mountain boar meat, stone-grilled meat flavored with rice wine, handmade sticky rice cake and so on.

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By Bus:
Take Xindian Bus (Taipei-Wulai route bus no. 849) from Taipei Main Station at Chingdao W. Road or MRT Xindian Station to Wulai Bus Terminus. From there, it's only a 3-5mins walk to the destination.

Take Taipei MRT-Xindian Line to MRT Xindian Station and take Xindian Bus (Taipei-Wulai route bus no. 849) to Wulai Bus Terminus. The travel time from MRT Xindian Station to Wulai is about a 40mins ride.