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New Taipei City ─ Believe It or Not Curiosity Museum Tamsui
As you walk on Tamsui Old Street surrounded by numerous local delicacies and souvenir shops, you might be attracted by crowds standing in front of a building with unique decorations. With a large banner displaying the name “Believe It or Not”, and a mysterious creature by the front, Believe It or Not Museum often arise curiosities of visitors when paying visits to Tamsui Old Street!

At the Believe It or Not Museum, visitors may find unique exhibitions of specimens of rarest creatures, weird live animals, and pictures of unique human. The specimens of vagarious creatures include the largest mouse, the tiniest human skull, four legs chicken, and many others. Visitors will also be surprised by photographs of a girl with two mouths, man with horn, etc. Moreover, live animals such as giant python, colorful parrot, and poisonous scorpions can be also seen at the museum. For an exciting moment while visiting Tamsui, Believe It or Not Museum is waiting for your explorations!

Don’t forget there are many other must-see attractions in Tamsui, such as Fishermen’s Wharf, Fort San Domingo, and Fort Huwei. Nevertheless, Believe It or Not Museum locates on Tamsui Old Street, enjoy diverse local cuisines and snacks will ensure an unforgettable Tamsui trip for your Taiwan travel.
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Towered to Tamsui Old Street, the Tamsui Believe It or Not Museum features unique exhibitions for specimens of extraordinary creatures, animals and human such as the largest mouse, tiniest human skull, chicken with four-legs, etc.

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Take Tamsui MRT Line (Red Line) to Tamsui MRT Station. Believe It or Not Museum is reachable with a five minutes' walk.