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New Taipei City ─ Tamsui Red Castle
Tamsui Red Castle-
Located in a hideaway lane, Tamsui Red Castle was first planned in 1895 and established in 1899 when Taiwan became a colony of Japan. Red Castle was first called “Daguanlo”, later renovated to be Red Castle Restaurant subleased to students. Due to numerous changes and renovations, the Red Castle is not officially awarded as a historic site but its enriched background witnessed Tamsui undergone several developments.

The Red Castle is a beautiful architecture with an ideal view location on the hill beside Tamsui Old Street. It is now owned by the second generation of a Tamsui renowned family, managing Tamsui Red Castle as a romantic cafe & restaurant. Visitors may enjoy a wide range of delicacies and beverages along with beautiful sun set views, and smooth music. Having a distinctive culinary experience at this beautiful, historic site provides you an unforgettable Tamsui travel.

The Red Castle has an enriched history background, it is only four years younger than Fort San Domingo. When Tamsui regain prosperity after the opening of Tamsui MRT line in 1997, it attracted visitors from over the countries and cities. Red Castle is now organized as a restaurant on the first and second floor, while the third floor provides visitors with pleasant coffee. It is often crowded by visitors during weekends! In addition, all visitors have to climb one hundred and six staircases for the beautiful views and tasty delicacies of Red Castle. In conclusion, Red Castle is one of the must-see attractions for your Tamsui travel!


3F, No.No. 6, Lane Ln. 2, Sanmin St., Tamsui District, New Taipei City, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

scenery features:

Located on the vivid Danshui Old Street, the Red Castle is a beautiful historical architecture which was built in 1899 and now opened to the public as a cafe & restaurant. Visitors are recommended to enjoy delightful cuisines while appreciating the beauties of Danshui.

opening hours:

Opening Hour: AM11:00~PM10:00

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Take Taipei MRT to MRT Tamsui Station, walk along the Tamsui Old Street. The Red Castle is located about a 10min walk from the MRT Tamsui Station.