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New Taipei City ─ Little White House Tamsui (The Former Residence of Danshui Tax Division Customs)
Little White House Tamsui (The Former Residence of Danshui Tax Division Customs)-
At No. 15 of Zhenli Street in Danshui Town, New Taipei City (Taipei County). A beautiful white architecture with verandahs surrounded. Facing south, with eleven verandahs in the front and five and a half corridors on two sides, the architecture displays a soft view, therefore earning the name “Little White House”.

The former name of the Little White House is the the former residence of Danshui Tax Division Customs”. The Little White House has a typical look of colonized architecture, its foundation is elevated one meter above the ground to have damp-proof yet having an elegant ambience! This kind of colonized architecture with verandahs and balconies is called Bungalow.

The Little White house faces Danshui River and Mt.Guanyin, having a wide range of Danshui views, beautiful Mt.Guanyin sceneries and breathtaking sun set views. The Little White House is a popular place for romantic sceneries and beautiful architectures for your Danshui travel.

The beautiful “Bungalow” has undergone several transformations. Qing government lost twice in Opium War in 1840 and 1854. The Qing government was forced to open trade and shoulder huge amount of indemnities. In order to manage foreign custom taxations, the government hired an experienced British customs to look after Chinese tax customizations. In 1866, the Danshui customs purchased land in Puding, and constructed this residence along with other two buildings in 1875. Danshui locals called these three constructed architectures the Three Architectures of Puding. To date, the Danshui Little White House is the only lasting British styled colonization architecture.

After retrocession of Taiwan, the Little White House was desolated for a period of time. In 1996, the Ministry of finance considered Little White House as a dismantle building. Through groups of locals, scholars, and professionals coacted in saving the architecture, the Ministry of Interior seeing the importance of the Little White House to the history of Taiwan. It is now awarded as Tier-Three historical site of Taiwan. The price ticket for entering the Little White House is TWD 40, a commenter is also offered for visitors to understand the story of Danshui Little White House.

The Danshui Little White House is now a notable attraction in Danshui. Visitors may find numerous couples taking wedding photos at this beautiful site, or groups of students enjoying an intellectual outing here, and families sharing a great time for beautiful Danshui River sceneries. For more enjoyments in Danshui, visitors are also suggested to visit other Danshui hot spots such as Fort San Domingo, Fishermen’s Wharf, Red Castle, and Danshui Old Street for varieties of local delicacies.

No.No15, Jenli St., Tamsui Township, Taipei County, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

scenery features:

Little White House is the former residence of Tamsui Tax Division Customs. The Little White House features a typical colonized architecture look with verandas and balconies. Nowadays, it’s also a popular place for wedding photos.

opening hours:

Opening Hour:
Tue - Sun: 09:30 -18:00

expenditure brief:

Adult: TWD 40
Group Ticket: TWD 30
Discount Ticket: TWD 30
The above fees are for reference purposes only; actual costs are informed at the actual venue and we do NOT give any prior notice.

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Take MRT to Tamsui MRT Station. Take Zhinan Bus no. 2/5/10 or Xindian Bus to Fort San Domingo and walk along Zhenli St. to Little White House.