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New Taipei City ─ Jinshan Old Street (Jinbaoli Old Street)
Jinshan Old Street (Jinbaoli Old Street)-
Jinshan Old Street, also known as Jinbaoli Old Street, is located in Jinshan District of New Taipei City, Taiwan. It is a 200-year old street, where the originated place of the northern coastline is. The street is famous for sweet potatoes that are soft, sweet and large, where one may find a number of sweet potato products include baked sweet potatoes, ice-roasted sweet potatoes, candied sweet potatoes, and sweet potato biscuits. Traditional Taiwan snacks, cakes, taro, bamboo shoots, and yams may also be found along the old street.

Visitors may find Jinshan Old Street very packed during weekends, especially during afternoon in the area of Kuang An Temple, where the most famous duck meat restaurant located. The restaurant has no menus and crowded at most of the time, the best way to sample the dishes is first to find a table first before picking up the dishes. Jinshan Duck Meat is tender and juicy, making it the most well-known dish of Jinshan Old Street yet forming an interesting scene having meat dishes selling just right outside the temple.

When visiting the old street on a humid, summer day, Jinshan Shredded Ice is a great snack to savour on the hot day. The shredded ice has an array of flavors to select, offering a good choice of removing the tiredness from the heat.

With a location in the northeast coast of Taiwan, Jinshan is also famed for the beautiful coastline sceneries, cultural and historical attractions such as Juming Museum, Shihtoushan Park (MT. Stone Park) and Cihu Temple, as well as Jinshan Hot Spring that attracts large numbers of both local and international visitors. In addition, a running hot spring laundry area is located next to Jinshan Hot Spring Public Bathhouse, one may sometimes find the locals wash their clothes here as old-time.

Jinbaoli Street,, Jinshan District,, New Taipei City,, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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Driving directions:
1. Taipei (台北) -> Provincial Highway No. 2-Jia (省道2甲) -> Yangmingshan National Park (陽明山國家公園) -> Jinshan (金山)

2. Danshui (淡水) -> Provincial Highway No. 2 (省道2號) -> Sanzih (三芝) -> Shihmen (石門) -> Jinshan (金山)

3. No. 3 National Highway (國道三號) -> Exit from Jijin Interchange (基金交流道) -> Provincial Highway No. 2 (省道2號) -> Wanli (萬里) -> Jinshan (金山)

By Train:
Take train to Keelung Railway Station (基隆火車站) -> Take Keelung Bus-Jinshan route (往金山的基隆客運)/ Taichi Bus-Danshui or Jinshan route(台汽客運-淡水/金山) to Jinshan (金山) -> follow the signs to Jinbaoli Old Street (金包里街)