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New Taipei City ─ Pingxi Old Street
Pingxi Old Street-
Pingxi is located in the north side of the mountains of Taiwan. It has the largest train station of Pingxi railway line, and it is developed as a must-see attraction in Taiwan. Strolling along the street, travelers may savor the nostalgic ambience and reminiscent atmosphere in Pingxi Old Street.

The houses were built on the slope; now they have become the stores where visitors can purchase souvenirs and locally flavored snacks. They are also traditional rice stores, pastry shops, and daily use grocery stores for residents. Moreover, there is a famous old mailbox which was preserved from Japanese Colonial Ear. It is the oldest mailbox in Taiwan and is still being used now.

Pingxi District is world renowned for their sky lanterns. The annual celebration of the Lantern Festival releases the flying lanterns to attract many tourists every February. Visitors can write their wishes on a sky lantern and release it to the sky in various places in town. Thousands of people travel here to see the superb scene of innumerable sky lanterns rising into the sky. People may still release a lantern if you miss the festival; by means of lanterns’ glowing and rising may your wishes come true.

The huge event like Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival is one of the three most popular customs of lantern festival in Taiwan. The other two customs are the Yanshui Beehive Firecrackers Festival in Tainan and Bombing the Master of Han Dan in Taitung. Moreover, it is increasingly recognized globally as a key international folklore event. The festival was named as one of the world’s 14 festivals that a person must attend in their lifetime by the giant travel guide publisher, Fordor’s in 2013. At the same year, it was selected as one of the “52 things to do in 2013” by CNN Travel in January of 2013.

For travelers who are fans of Taiwan railway culture should definitely come to Pingxi District. The unique construction of the railway passes over above houses and street; the sound of train passing by can be heard while you wonder in the town. People may walk on the tracks when there are no trains passing by and enjoy the marvelous view of the Keeling River and the alluring village below on the weekend. Travelers are welcome to bath in the ancient and casual ambience of the traditional leisure lifestyle perceived in Pingxi Old Street.
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Pingxi Dist., New Taipei City, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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How to go to Pingxi:
By Train:
1. Visitors may take TRA Yilan Line or North-Link Line to Badu Train Station or Ruifang Train Station and then transfer to Pingxi Branch Rail Line to Pingxi. One-day pass for Pingxi Branch Rail Line or EasyCard can be used to take a train from Ruifang to Pingxi.

※One-day pass for Pingxi Branch Tail Line can be purchased at Banqiao, Taipei, Songshan, Keelung, Badu, Ruifang, Houtong, Yilan, Luodong, Pingxi, Jingtong, Shifen Station.

By Bus:
1. Take Taipei Bus No. 795 from Muzha to Pingxi (Operating Hours: 4:50-22:40)
2. Take Keelung Bus No. 846 from Ruifang - Shifen – Pingxi (Operating Hours: 6:00-16:00)

Shuttle Service will be provided on the days of Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival:
Visitors are recommended to take shuttle bus or public transportation to the venue as traffic control will be enforced on the days of the event.