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New Taipei City ─ Shihfen Scenic Area
Shihfen Scenic Area-
Located in Pingxi District of New Taipei City, Taiwan, Shifen Old Street is the most famous stop along Pingxi Branch Line. Pingxi Branch Line was originally built to transport coal and now has transformed to an internationally renowned railway for one to discover the coal-mining history of Taiwan and experience lighting sky lanterns. The nostalgic ambience and antiquity of Pingxi Line attract large numbers of both local and international visitors each day.

Set by Shifen Railway Station, Shifen Old Street is filled mainly by sky lantern and souvenir shops, grocery stores and restaurants on both sides of the railway. One may notice that Shifen Railway Station is larger than other stations along Pingxi Line as it has dual tracks that allow trains to intersect here. Although Shifen Old Street is now a popular tourist stop, the old street still keeps its nostalgic, relaxing ambience, where one may sometimes find residents sit in front of their houses, chatting and socializing. Shifen Old Street is not only a great place for photographs, sky lanterns and to see the unique scene of trains running right through the old street, but also a nice place to sample local snacks that will satiate your taste buds.

The famous Jingan Suspension Bridge is located behind Shifen Station. The bridge connects Shifen and Nanshan villages, and was originally used for transporting coal and later renovated to a pedestrian bridge after coal-mining industry has ended. If one has a chance to visit Nanshan Village, one may find the houses include windows, doors, and exterior walls painted in blue, which is one of Nanshan Village’s characteristics.

Another 15-20 minute walk from Shifen Old Street will access you to the famous Shifen Waterfall. The waterfall is Taiwan’s broadest waterfall with a total height of 20 meters and 40 meters in width, located on the upper reaches of the Keelung River. The whole area is mountainous and full of what the locals call “kettle pits” (potholes) in the river beds. These potholes are round, and shallow formed by the erosion of the soft rocks by pebbles grinding against the soft rocks by rapid water. The entrance fee to Shifen Waterfall is TWD 80 per adult, TWD 50 per child and free entry for children under 110cm and elders aged over 70. Pingxi trains come about every hour. The round trip to and from Shifen Waterfall takes about a 45-60 minute walk, it is unlikely that you can catch the next train after the one you arrive one if you plan to take a glimpse at the magnificent Shifen Waterfall.

Every year, the huge event like Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival is one of the three most popular customs of lantern festival in Taiwan, will be held in Shifen Sky Lantern Square that is adjacent to Shifen Old Street. The event is increasingly recognized globally as a key international folklore event. The festival was named as one of the world’s 14 festivals that a person must attend in their lifetime by the giant travel guide publisher, Fordor’s in 2013. At the same year, it was selected as one of the “52 things to do in 2013” by CNN Travel in January of 2013.

Nanshanping, Pingxi District, New Taipei City, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

expenditure brief:

Sky Lanterns about TWD 100-200
Admission Fee to Shifen Waterfall
TWD 80/adult
TWD 50/child
Free Entry for Children under 110cm & elders aged over 70
The above fees are for reference purposes only; actual costs are informed at the actual venue and we do NOT give any prior notice.


Shifen Old Street -> Jingan Suspension Bridge -> Shifen Waterfall -> Release sky lanterns

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Driving Directions:
1. Taipei (台北) -> Shenkeng (深坑) -> Shiding Shuangxi Intersection (石碇雙溪口) -> 106 County Road (106縣道) -> Pingxi (平溪) -> Shifen (十分)

2. Taipei (台北)/基隆(Keelung) -> Zhongshan No. 1 National Highway (中山高) -> exit at Badu Interchange (八堵交流道) -> Rueiba Highway/102Yi County Road (瑞八公路/縣102乙) -> Ruefang Industrial Park (瑞芳工業區) -> 106 County Road (106縣道) -> Shifen (十分)

3. Sizih (汐止) -> Siping Highway/North 31 Road (汐平公路/北31線道) -> Pingxi (平溪) -> Shifen (十分)

4. Northeast Coast (東北角) -> Fulong (福隆) -> Shuangxi (雙溪) -> North 38 Road (北38線) -> Shifen (十分)

By Bus:
MRT Muzha Station (捷運木柵站) -> No. 15 Taipei Bus (台北客運15路公車) -> Shifen (十分)

By Train:
Take East Line train to Ruefang Station (瑞芳站) -> Pingxi Branch Line (平溪支線) -> Shifen Railway Station (十分火車站)