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New Taipei City ─ Bali Bike Trail
Bali Bike Trail-
The bike trail here in Bali is constructed of the spacious riverbanks; it is smooth and easy to ride. This smooth trail is suitable for visitors and families to bike along the riverbanks. Visitors are welcome to start their journeys from the wharf, and visit the Shihsanhang Museum of Archaeology. The full trip is about four kilometers long so the trail is also appropriate for elders and children. There are coffee shops, Taiwanese snacks vendors, and Chinese traditional folk game stands along the trail to arise your enjoyment.

Main Route:
Guandu Bridge→ Bali Wharf→ Left Bank Ferry Wharf→ Watziwei Nature Conservation Area → Shihsanhang Museum of Archaeology→ Formosa Fun Coast Amusement park

For more Taiwan bike trail information, please visit our Taiwan Bike Trail website. 
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scenery features:

The Bali Bike Trail is a smooth bike trial which is suitable for all ages. Along the bike trial, visitors may visit the Shihsanghai Museum of Archaeology, appreciate the precious wetland ecologies and ecosystems, enjoy tasty Taiwanese snacks, or take a rest at the coffee shops along the riverbanks.

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Take MRT on Danshui Line (red), and then get off at the Danshui Station. Take ferry at Danshui Ferry Port to Bali