Jiguang Street Neighboring Tour Guides


First Day: Taichung Park/Chungshan Park(It is one of the eight main scenic spots in Taiwan)→Jiguang Street→Miyahara Eye Hospital (It is actually an ice cream joint. The renovation of this optometry clinic as an important piece of historical relic is not only to establish a flagship store for “Dawn Cake” (日出蛋糕), but also to preserved the precious historic site.)

Second Day: Tunghai University (The most famous spot in Tunghai University is The Luce Chapel, designed by well-known architect I. M. Pei)→Tunghai Art Street→Feng Chia Night Market

Jiguang Street

/ Meiyin

Jiguang Street is one of the oldest shopping streets in Taichung. During the early 70s and 80s, this street was the busiest and booming commercial district in the area. Decades later due to the business hub shift to other place. Jiguang Street remains as one of the tradition old streets in Taichung. However Taichung City Hall has frequently held many events on this street in recent years, so it becomes a popular tourist shopping street again.

On ordinary days, Jiguang Street is a popular tourist shopping street. However as the end of the lunar year near, the weekend market street of Jiguang Street will transform into a Chinese New Year’s goods street, which offers dried goods, rice cakes, decorations, daily necessities, gift sets, and many more. If you want to feel the vibe of Chinese New Year, you must not miss out the “doing New Year’s Shopping” in Jiguang Street. And, it is the oldest Chinese New Year Goods Street in Taichung.

When you come to Jiguang Street, you must try the local specialty and delicious street food. From the sun cake, fried chicken, stinky tofu, milkfish congee, and many more traditional Taiwan dishes waiting for you to discover. Jiguang Street is a tradition and popular old street for the locals and tourists.


By Car
Take to exit to Taichung Port interchange, and along Taichung Port Road and turn left when being on Tzuyou Road and go straight to Zhongzheng Road and turn right to Jiguang Street.

By High-speed Rail
Take HSR to Taichung leaving by 3rd exit, and take shuttle train from Wuri to Taichung train station about 10 minutes. Walk to Zhongzheng Road (front of train station), and then please turn right when being on the Jiguang Street.

By Train
Take train to Taichung train station, walk to Zhongzheng Road (front of train station), and then please turn right when being on the Jiguang Street.

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