Round The Taichung City Bike Path







The “Round The Taichung City Bike Path” is 18km long. It is separated into 4 routes, and all 4 routes are located in the center of Taichung City. The bicycle routes will pass through the beautiful Calligraphy Greenway, Parkway of National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, National Museum of Natural Science, and Taichung Confucius Temple. With the complete bike routes designed for “round the Taichung City”, it is a good choice to explore this dynamic Taichung City with bike next time.

The first trail is starting from Chung Hsing University-> Calligraphy Greenway->Parkway of National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts
The second trail is from Parkway of National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts->Port of Taichung->National Museum of Natural Science
The third trail is from Zhongzhen Park->Confucius Temple->Taiyuan Train Station
The fourth trail is from Taiyuan Train Station->Le Cheng Temple->Dong Feng Park-> Chung Hsing University

Nearby Attractions:
Parkway of National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts is an attractive, enormous museum is home to the world’s largest collection of Taiwanese art, displayed through regular exhibitions. The museum often holds various international exhibitions from all over the world such as Eastern / Western Europe and greater Asia pacific as well. The museum recently re-opened to public after a serious re-construction of the whole site, providing a variety of modern facilities such as an extensive, user-friendly reference library, restaurants and shops.

Taichung Zhongzhen Park was built in 1903, and the park was announced a historical spot by Taichung City Government in 1999. Taichung Park is one of the eight main scenic spots in Taiwan, and the figure of pavilion in Taichung Park is a landmark of Taichung.

National Museum of Natural Science features a special rotating exhibition and hands-on exhibitions for adults and children of all ages. Being an educational site, the National Museum of Natural Science has been a major science learning center for school trips in Taiwan.

Taichung Confucius Temple has distinct architecture features elements from Song Dynasty while other Confucius Temple in Taiwan is built by the elements of Qing Dynasty architecture. Both the Confucius Temple and Martyr’s Shrine are located near the junction of Shuanshih Road and Lishin Road. Adjacent to each other, both buildings are majestic and grandiose which bring the visitors peaceful and magnificent feelings.



By Car:
National Highway No.1->Wangtian Interchange->right turn to Xuefu Rd->Chung Hsing University
National Highway No. 1->Nantun Interchange connects to Wuquan W. Rd.->right turn to Wuquan S. Rd->left turn to Fuxing Rd.->Chung Hsing University

Near Hotels

Galaxia Business Hotel

2.0 km
9F.-1, No.135, Luchuan W. St., Central Dist., Taichung City 400, Taiwan

Huang Shin Business Hotel

6.6 km
No.552, Sec. 3, Taiwan Blvd., Xitun Dist., Taichung City, Taiwan

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