Xiluo Old Street Tour Guides


First Day: Xiluo Old Street→Xiluo Theater→Zhen Wen Academy

Second Day: Yunlin Hand Puppet Museum→ Huwei Sugar Factory

Yenping Old Street (Xiluo Old Street)

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Yenping Old Street is located along Yenping street in Xiluo Township, Yunlin County. Xiluo was once a bustling trading center in the earliest period of Taiwan due to its good geographic location. This small town possesses rich resources in artistic culture, humanities and landscapes left from the past prosperous era. Here you may savor the cultural assets, traditional rural landscapes, as well as the mouth watering local snacks.

According to the constructions of the rural landscapes, Xiluo evidenced the fact that it was once a crucial commercial center back in the early days. The buildings along Yengping Street are Baroque architectures passed down from Japanese colonial era. Tourists may find buildings on Yenping Old Street different from other places. Due to a huge earthquake in 1935, the government decided to use abundant elements of ancient Chinese art décor to remodel the buildings. The combination of old-time design and contemporary artistic style of the 1930s makes the rural landscape in Yenping so special. Strolling along the street, visitors may find several representative buildings to visit, such as Jin Yu Cheng Bell Tower, Yushan Corridor, Luoyand Dental Clinic, and the Luoyang Culture & Education Foundation. The Luoyang Culture and Education Foundation are conducted at Jiefa Tea Shop and is used as a culture gallery to promote the rich local culture and history of Xiluo.

While paying a visit to the old street, visitors may also stop by some nearby attractions, including Xiluo Bridge and a soy sauce tourism factory. Xiluo Bridge is a 1.93 km-long bridge made of iron supplement, which is also recognized as a historic site. Soy sauce is one of the local specialties. The soy sauce tourism factory is where you can observe its manufacturing process and join a DIY soy sauce making session. Come to experience the distinctively historic ambience of the traditional leisure lifestyle in Yenping Old Street.

service facilities:

Xiluo Yenping Cultural Center
Open Hour:
Monday~Friday 8:30AM~12:00PM ;1:00PM~5:30PM
Tel: +886 5-5861444
Closed on Sunday and National holidays


By car:
No.1 Taiwan National Highway(國道一號) -> exit Xiluo offramp(西螺交流道) -> Datong Rd(大同路) -> Turn left on Yenping Rd (延平路) to reach.

By Bus:
Take bus no. 7132, 6880, 7011 to Xiluo (西螺) from Douliu Train Station (斗六火車站) -> walk to Yenping Rd to reach

Nearby Attractions

Zhen Wen Academy
HSR Yunlin Station