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First Day: Dihua Street→Siahai Temple(People come here to pray for a good marriage)→Jinji Tea shop (Historic Residence of “Tea King” Chen Tian-lai)

Second Day: Wanhua Mongjia Longshan Temple(recognized as a Tier-Second historical site of Taiwan)→Bopiliao Old Street(This street has undergone for more than 200 years and has retained the Heritage and Culture Center of Taipei City)→Red House Ximending( Class three historical sites, now is used for Cultural and Creative Industry center)

Dihua Street

/ 陳皮梅

Dihua Street is the most popular grocery market for shopping Chinese New Year's goods. It is located in Datong District of Taipei City, Taiwan, with a total length of 800 meters. On ordinary days, Dihua is a relatively quiet street. However, the street will be lively and crowded few weeks before Chinese Lunar New Year.

Built in the 1850s, Dihua Street was the major trading center for Chinese herbs and medicines, dried goods, fabrics, as well as teas since it is near the Dadaocheng port. The street has became a market place for Chinese New Year's groceries since 1996; there are various stalls selling bamboo or wooden crafts, candies from Asia, Chinese medicines and herbs, Chinese and Japanese snacks, crops, dried foods, fabrics, incenses, New Year decorations, spices, and teas. Candies, dried squids, and nuts are popular items in the market. The vendors usually display their goods in huge bags; some bags are even taller than five feet high. Visitors may also see piles of foods and candies on tables which look like little mountains. The vendors use megaphones or simply yell out aloud to attract people’s attention. It is quite interesting to hear the lively shouts of vendors and to enjoy the New Year atmosphere. Some vendors will even hand out free samples for visitors to push more sales.

Besides the samplings and the lively scene, the historical architectures in traditional Fujian style, Baroque style, western style, as well as red lanterns and other New Year decorations have also made Dihua Street a popular tourist attraction. It is indeed an excellent place to enjoy the joyful atmosphere and to experience Taiwan culture.
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By Car:
1. National Highway No.1(國道一號) exit Chongching North Rd offramp(重慶北路交流道), turn right onto Minsheng West Rd(民生西路), drive 300meter to reach the street.

1. Take MRT to MRT Shuanglian Station(捷運雙連站). From exit number 2, walk west down Minsheng W. Road(民生西路) 15mins to reach.

By Bus:
1. Take bus route 206, 255, 274, 518, 539, 641, 669, 704 and 9 to Nanjing West Rd(南京西路) stop to reach the street.

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