Neiwan Old Street Tour Guides


First Day: Neiwan Old Street→Neiwan Theater→Neiwan Train Station→Neiwan Bridge

Second Day: Green World Ecological Farm→Beipu Old Street

Neiwan Old Street

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Located in Hengshan Township in Hsinchu County, Neiwan is a community surrounded by hills and waters, with mostly Hakka peoples gathering and living in this lovely town.

Neiwan Old Street is lined with traditional wooden architectures and stores. Stroll along this street visitors will be embraced with reminiscent atmosphere, as well as a gourmet feast, including ginger lily-flavored glutinous rice, Hakka tea, Hakka rice cakes(muachi), etc. On the old street, there is Neiwan Theater; around this area there are Neiwan train station and suspension bridges. Neiwan Branch Line also helped
bring vitality to this small town, but its operation(Hsinchu –Jhudong) is now suspended and will reopen in three and a half years.

Hengshan Township is rich in agriculture resources, timbers and minerals. In the past, Neiwan Old Street was the main passageway to the forests, and therefore was crowded with residents coming and going for a living. The street was once on the downgrade but was again very popular with tourists in recent years. Visitors can indulge in the nostalgic ambience when coming to Neiwan Old Street during their Hsinchu travel in Taiwan.


By Train -> Bus:
Take Hsinchu Bus-Zhudong line, Qionglin line, or Zhushan line from Hsinchu Railway Station to Zhudong Station. From there, take Hsinchu Bus-Neiwan line, Naluo line or Meihua line to Neiwan Old Street.

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