Penghu Central Old Street Tour Guides


First Day: Guanyin Buddhist Temple→Tianhou Temple→ Central Old Street

Second Day: Erkan Historical Village→Oceanic Long-span Bridge→ Penghu Aquarium

Penghu Central Old Street

/ Kate

Penghu (also known as the Pescadores) is an outlying strait island located in between Taiwan and China and is under the jurisdiction of Taiwan.
Penghu Central Old Street is situated besides the center of Penghu Tianhou Temple. This street is the oldest street in Penghu, and it is also known as the “First Street of Penghu.” The buildings here are Mingnan architectural style. Elements of the building like red brick walls, red wooden doors, art crafty decorated windows represent the tradition Chinese old day.
On the bottom of the each store gate, there is a piece of stone carved sign, which inscribes what this store engaged in during the Japanese Colonial Period, and what it changed to after the retrocession of Taiwan. From this historic evidence we can imagine its prime time during the Japanese Colonial Period. This is one of the historic relic worth of visiting.
When you go down the street, you can enjoy the old-style buildings of Penghu along the way and buy souvenirs, gifts, etc. This old street is about 30 minute walking and sell the gifts and snacks, you can encounter the first hotel of Penghu “Central Hotel”, which was opened since 1923 and is currently a legal residence. When visiting Penghu, you can lodge here to experience the tradition homely lodging ambience. The next door of the Central Hotel is to the West River Printing Field, which is also preserved from the Japanese Colonial Period and is currently selling postcards and souvenirs.


By Ferry from Port of Kaohsiung to Penghu-> Taxi
Kaohsiung ticket station: Port of Kaohsiung, Travel Building 1st floor ticket station (next to Quang Zheng ticket station). Contact number: 0921295349 (Ms. Yen).
Taxi will also be a good choice from airport to the destination.

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