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First Day: Taipei City Zoo→Maokong Gondola → Maokong

Second Day: Shenkeng Old Street→Shenkeng Huang Yung An's Residence→Shiding Old Street

Shenkeng Old Street

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Shenkeng is a rural township in southern New Taipei City (Taipei County), and it literately means a deep tunnel. This place is famous for its tofu gourmets because the best tofu is made here and the restaurants here use a distinctive cooking method.

Taiwanese people love “Shenkeng Old Street” for its tofu gourmet, snacks, and popsicles. This place has all different kinds of tofu such as regular tofu, stinky tofu, dessert tofu, fried stinky tofu, BBQ stinky tofu, tofu cheese, tofu cake, sweet tofu drink, dried tofu, and tofu ice cream. The tofu ice cream here has a burnt flavor which is Shenkeng’s signature taste. For people who do not like tofu, there are still loads of other snacks to try, such as chewy peanut candy, brown sugar mochi (sticky rice cake), steam cake, milky candy, egg roll, winter melon candy and many more. Many of them are delicate and delicious.

There is a temple named “JiShen” in the center of the Old Street, and the most famous restaurant is located right in front of the temple. The restaurant is so popular that it now has 3 branches on the same street. They even offer door-to-door delivery services of its tofu gourmet. The fried noodle, chicken, goose, tofu soup, vegetable stir fry, stir fry bamboo shoots, and regular tofu with soy sauce are all recommend. Overall, Shenkeng is a great place for dining and food shopping.

You may either Shenkeng Old Street by taking Taipei Bus (Pingxi line) to Yongding Elementary School or take MRT to Muzha station, and then take a taxi to Shenkeng Old Street.

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1. Take Taipei Bus (Pingxi line) to Yongding Elementary School.
2. Take MRT to Muzha station, and then take taxi to Shenkeng Old Street.

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