Huang Di Dian



Huang Di Dian (The Emperor’s Hall) is a hiking trail located at the popular suburb of Shiding District in New Taipei City. Apart from the easy accessibility, the East and West Peak have been attracting many vigorous hikers for adventurous hike. At an altitude of 570 meters, hikers have to beware of its narrow ridge on both sides and proceed very slowly. On the west ridges of the mountain hill, there is a private woodland campground, where basic facilities such as barbecue site and swimming area are provided. The area is crowded with weekend campers. The best starting point to hike Huang Di Dian is from Shiding. Hikers should go from the trail in front of Shiding Post Office and go along the Shiding River to 9-leopu Bridge. Then, they should continue onto a small path on the left side of the Fuhsin Temple. Walk for about 25 minutes and they should see a farm house. From there, the road will divide into two and usually the hikers would take the left one to hike up to Huang Di Dian’s Eastwest Peak. After that, they can go back to Shiging or Chungmin Stop on Pinshih Route.


By car :
From Taipei toward Muzha and connect to 106 County Road toward Shenkeng.
After pass Heping Elementary School, turn right to No 109 County Road to Shiding and arrive at Huang Di Dian

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