Northern Trails and MRT Restrictions
Northern Taiwan

Bali Bike Trail
The bike trail here in Bali is constructed of the spacious riverbanks; it is smooth and easy to ride. This smooth trail is suitable for visitors and families to bike along the riverbanks. Visitors are welcome to start their journeys from the wharf, and visit the Shihsanhang Museum of Archaeology. The full trip is about four kilometers long so the trail is also appropriate for elders and children. There are coffee shops, Taiwanese snacks vendors, and Chinese traditional folk game stands along the trail to arise your enjoyment.
Main Route:
Guandu Bridge→ Bali Wharf→ Left Bank Ferry Wharf→ Watziwei Nature Conservation Area → Shihsanhang Museum of Archaeology→ Formosa Fun Coast Amusement park
For more information, please visit: Bali Bike Trail
Guandu Bike Path
Guandu Bike Path differs from other paths with the route going through Guandu Natural Park Ecology Conservation Area. You will be attracted by the enriched ecosystem and wetlands along the trail. Moreover, you will be surprised by the numerous bird species during the bird-viewing season! With the unique wetlands eco-environment, it is considered as one of the most beautiful bike paths in Taiwan for enjoying biking and appreciating the precious preserved sceneries of the ecosystem.
Main Route: Guandu MRT Station→ Guandu Plain→ Beitou Garbage Incinerator→ Shilin Night Market→ Jiantan MRT Station
For more information, please visit: Guandu Bike Path. 
Keelung River Bicycle Trails

The trails are along the Keelung River. It is suggested to enter from the Linantai Evacuation Gate on the left shore and the Meiti Evacuation Gate on the right shore. There are signs along two trails introducing the history of the Keelung River. The route from Zhongshan Bridge to Dazhi Bridge has the best view since there is a fountain named “Fountain of Hope”. Bikers may enjoy the 25-story tall water and light show at evening. In addition, they may also appreciate the lighting on ferris wheel and the beautiful Grand Hotel Taipei at night.

Main Route:
Left Bank: Taipei Fine Arts Museum→ Taipei Story House→ Linantai Historical Home→ Dajia Riverbank Park→ Yingbin Riverbank Park→ Guanshan Riverbank Park→ Raohe St. Night Market→ Chengmei Riverbank Park→ Nanhu Riverbank Park

Right Bank: Meiti Riverbank Park→ Neihu Sports Park→ Chaihong (Rainbow) Riverbank Park→ Chengmei Riverbank Park→ Nanhu Riverbank Park

Nearby Attractions:
Left Bank: Dajia Riverbank Park, Linantai Historical Home, Raohe St. Night Market, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei Story House

Right Bank: Martyr's Shrine, Miramar Entertainment Park

Xindian/Dahan River Bike Trail
The riverside park between Xindian River and Dahan River is one of best leisure places for local residents to take a walk.  There are two bike trails including Xincheng Line and Yinsan Line. Xincheng Line is from Xindian to Tucheng and Yinsan Line is from Yingge to Sanchong. These two bike trails are connected by Hsin-hai Bridge and Cheng-Lin Bridge. Since the trails are well planned and established, they have become popular among local bikers. The trails go through Xindian, Yonghe, Banciao, Tucheng, Yingge and many cities, so people may travel around Taipei County easily. It would be fantastic whether go bird watching at Guangfu Riverside Park, take a walk at Xiulangqingxi Park, appreciate beautiful riverside parks’ sceneries, or travel around through bike.
Main Route:
Xincheng Line: Xindian Bitan→ Xiulangqingxi Park→ Xiulang Bridge→ Yonghe Emerald Riverside Park→ Guangfu Riverside Park→ Jiangzicui Riverside Park→ Fuzhou Art Riverside Park→ Xizhou Sports Riverside Park→ Tucheng Mazutian.
Yinsan Line: Yingge Ceramics Museum→ Ganyuan Riverside Park→ Xisheng Riverside Park→ Shuhong Sports Park.
For more information, please visit: Xindian River/Dahan River Bike Trail.
Taipei MRT Restrictions

‧Open Hours:Passengers with bicycles are allowed to enter certain metro stations from 6am-4pm and from 7pm to the end of the service on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.
‧Accessible Lines:Banqiao Line (blue), Danshui Line (red), Nangang Line (blue), Tucheng Line (blue), Xiaonanmen Line (light green), Xindian Line (green), and Zhonghe Line (orange)
‧Bike Accessible Stations
Blue Line: Banqiao Station, Far Eastern Hospital Station, Houshanpi Station, Jiangzicui Station, Kunyang Station, Longshan Temple         Station, S.Y.S. Memorial Hall Station, Taipei City Hall Station, Ximen Station, Yongning Station, and Zhongxiao Xinsheng Station.
Green Line: Dapinglin Station, Gongguan Station, and Xindian Station.
Light Green: Xiaonanmen Station.
Orange Line: Dingxi Station and Nanshijiao Station.
Red Line: Beitou Station, C.K.S. Memorial Hall Station, Guandu Station, Hongshulin Station, Mingde Station, Qilian Station, Shilin Station, Shuanglian Station, Yuanshan Station, and Zhuwei Station.
‧Fare:TWD80 per person with a single bike. Please purchase the ticket at the information desk, and return the ticket to station staff members at your destination. Please contact station staff members to enter or exit through the "Group Ticket Entrance/Exit."
‧Size restriction:The size of the bicycle shall not exceed 180cm long, 120cm high, and 70cm wide.
1. Passengers under the age of 14 must be accompanied by adults when bringing bicycles into the metro.
2. Bicycles are not allowed on the Muzha Line (brown), Xiaobitan Branch Line (green), and Xinbeitou Branch Line (red).
3. Bicycles are allowed to board only at either end of the train.
4. Bicycles should be parked between the vertical handrail and cyclists themselves, and perpendicular to the train’s operation direction.
5. After 11pm, due to operational mode change, cyclists transferring among the Danshui Line (red), Xindian Line (green), and Zhonghe Line (orange) may transfer only at C.K.S. Memorial Hall Station.
6. Cyclists traveling from a north-south line [Danshui Line (red), Xindian Line (green), and Zhonghe Line (orange)] to an east-west line [Banqiao Line (blue), Nangang Line (blue), and Tucheng Line (blue)] or vice versa, are only allowed to transfer at C.K.S. Memorial Hall Station (red) and Ximen Station (blue) [ using the Xiaonanmen Line (light green)]. Cyclists are not allowed to alight or transfer at Taipei Main Station.