Southern Trails and KRT Restrictions
Southern Taiwan
Glorious Bike Path near Love River
Love River is one of the must-see attractions in Kaohsiung. Biking from here, visitors will be able to experience local community lifestyles, the existing ecosystem, and of course the beautiful sceneries and atmosphere by the river. The north side of the trail connects to Lianchihtan (Lotus Pond), and the south side connects to Love River. The path is well-planned into five routes. You may choose any one to start with your romantic bike ride here by the Love River. 
Main Route:
Love River→ East Coast View Facility→ Sanmin Park No.1→River Side Park→ Smile Park→ Lotus Pond
For more information, please visit Love River Bike Path.
Guanshan Bike Path
Guanshan has Taiwan’s first bike path with a total distance of 12 kilometers. The path is divided into two parts: water-sided (ChinSui) and mountain-sided (ChinShan). Beautiful flowers can be seen along the water-sided route; on the other hand, it’s a bit challenging with hills at the mountain-sided route. The path is well-planned along natural environment, beautiful sceneries, and without traffic; it is very safe for bike riders to enjoy their leisure time! Riders may smell pleasant odor, and feel gentle breeze when biking down the hills. Furthermore, during the season of flowers, the yellow sea of flowers will surely amaze riders with fine views!
Main Route:
Guanshan Water Park→ Nantian Temple→ Cishan Temple→ Daitian Temple→ Guanshan Water Park
Fore more information, please visit Guanshan Bike Path.
Kaohsiung KRT Restrictions

Folding Bicycles

‧Open hours:6 am- 11 pm

‧Accessible Lines:Both orange and red lines.

‧Fare:No extra charge.

‧Size restriction:The sum of the long, wide, and height of the bicycle does not exceed 205 cm; the wheel size is less than twenty inch.
1. Cyclists are prohibited from using the escalators and instead shall use staircases, elevators (a maximum of two bicycles) and wheelchair ramps.

2. Please contact station staff members to enter or exit through the "Group Ticket Entrance/Exit." 
Normal Bicycles

‧Open hours:Passengers with bicycles are allowed to enter certain metro stations from 10am-4 pm on weekdays, and from 6am-1pm, 8-11 pm on weekends and holidays.

‧Bicycle Accessible Stations
Red Line: Aozihdi Station, Caoya Station, Cianjhen Senior High School Station, Ciaotou Station, Ciaotou Sugar Refinery, Ecological District Station, Houjing Station, Houyi Station, Metropolitan Park, Nanzih Export Processing Zone, Shihjia Station, Siaogang Station, and World Games Station.

Orange Line: none

‧Fare:TWD100 per person with a single bicycle.

‧Size restriction:The size of the bicycle shall not exceed 180cm long, 120cm high, and 70cm wide

1. Bicycles are allowed to board only at the first and the third carriages of the train.

2. Cyclists shall stay by bicycles and hold them firmly at all times.

3. Cyclists are prohibited from using the escalators and instead shall use staircases, elevators (a maximum of two bicycles) and wheelchair ramps.