Central & Eastern Trails
 Central Trails
Green Jiji Bike Path
The Green Jiji Bike Path is a long and challenging bike path to start from Jiji Train Station to the Green Tunnel. It takes about thirty minutes with hill slopes along the way. This adventurous path is recommended for visitors who are seeking for challenges and excitements.
For tourists and families, the most popular bike path in Jiji is the Green tunnel. The tunnel has a total distance of 4.5 kilometers. The Green Tunnel consists of about 1000 Cinnamomum Camphora trees planted by the civilians in 1933.   You’ll be amazed by the beautiful tunnel and refreshed by breathing phytoncide. Since resting areas are also available, visitors may take a rest there and take some beautiful photographs.
Main Route: Jiji Train Station→ Green Tunnel
For more information, please visit Green Jiji Bike Path.
Sun Moon Lake Bike Trail
Sun Moon Lake is well-known for its romantic views and rich ecosystems. The unique climate between sub-tropical and temperate ecosystem makes Sun Moon Lake full of beautiful plants and sceneries. The bike trail starts from the mouth of No.1 HuainTain Highway tunnel with an observatory. Along the trail, riders are able to see different plants such as Common Free Fern, Fortune's Drynaria, etc. If you listen carefully, you will also hear voice of birds and insects. During summer time, it is also a great place to explore fireflies!
Main Route: Sun Moon Lake round-the-lake loop road
For more information, please visit Sun Moon Lake Bike Trail.
Yilan Bike Trail (Shuangyuan Line)
Yilan County is a beautiful rural place with rice fields, scallion fields, rivers, and mountains. Within Yilan, Luodong Sports Park and Yilan Sports Park are both perfect places to do various exercises. The sports facilities include basketball fields, swimming pools, baseball courts, tennis courts, walking trails, a fitness center, soccer and foot ball fields, PU runway and many more.  Besides the standard facilities, these two parks sharing a bike trail called Shuangyuan Line. It connects both parks with a total length of eight and half kilometers (8.5 km).  Luodong Sports Park features beautiful wetlands, unique plants, and outdoor water playground; Yilan Sports Park features various standard sports facilities. The bike trail passes through Yilan County Government, Yilan County Hall, Yilan District Court, Yilan Art Exhibition Hall, Kaisa Elementary School, Lanyang Bridge, and Lanyang Riverbank. Visitors may stop by and appreciate beautiful sceneries of Lanyang Plain.
Main Route:
Yilan Sports Park→ Kaixuan Road→ Lanyang Bridge→ Lanyang Riverbank→ Luodong Sports Park
For more information, please visit Yilan Bike Trail.
Hualien Haibin Bike Trail
Hualien Haibin Bike Trail has a total length of 15.1 kilometers long. It connects Nanbin Park, Beibin Park, and Seven Star Lake together. Nanbin Park (South Shore Park) is one of great places to appreciate sea views. This tranquil park will change into the prosperous night market on each evening. The Beibin Park is near Hualien International Port, visitors may see many ferries and fishing boats. Along the trail, riders may breathe the fresh air, and appreciate beautiful sea views and sceneries. After passing the Shuguang Bridge, there is a path leading down named Wild Ginger Flower Path, the white flowers will bloom during May to November. Visitors will sense the smell of fragrant flowers and the comfortable breeze.
Main Route: Nanbin Park→ Beibin Park→ Shuguang Bridge→Marble Park→  Seven Star Lake
Nearby Attractions: Nanbin Tourism Night Market, Hualien South Park

For more information, please visit Hualien Haibin Bike Trail.
Yilan Dongshan River Bike Trail

Dongshan River Bike Trail is built along the banks of Dongshan River, which is between Dongshan Train Station and Wujie Water Gate near Dongshan River Water Park. Along the way bikers will pass the Pearl Recreation Agricultural Region, Dongshan River Water Park, and National Center for Traditional Arts. Bikers may choose to rent a bike at the bike shops located in front of the Dongshan River Water Park.

Main Route: Dongshan Train Station→ Bird-watching Pavilion→ Botou Park→ Dongshan River Water Park→ Gamalan Cultural Recreation Site→ Zhenhe Temple→ National Center for Traditional Arts→ Water Gate→ Lanyang River Waterfowl Preservation Area

Nearby Attractions:
Dongshan River Water Park and National Center for Traditional Arts
Guanshan Township Surround-town Bike Trail

Situated in the well-known rice town, Guanshan, Guanshan Township Surround-town Bike Trail is Taiwan’s first bike trail that surrounds the whole town. There are betel palm trees, brushes, brooks, and rice fields along the road. Part of the road sections are at higher elevation so bikers may have a panoramic view of the beautiful Guanshan town. Bikers may also choose to rest at the Zongguan Riyue Pavilion viewing the sceneries. If you come to Guanshan during spring, you may see the rape seed flowers blooming and scattering on the wind.

Main Route:
Guanshan Train Station→Chishang Train Station→ Zongguan Riyue Pavilion→ Guanshan Water Park→ Guanshan Train Station

Nearby Attractions: Guanshan Water Park.

For more information, please visit: Guanshan Township Surround-town Bike Trail.
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