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Nantou County ─ Yushan National Park
Yishan (Jade Mountain) National Park is the second national park in Taiwan. Covering an expanse of some 105,490 hectares, this is the biggest national park by area in Taiwan. East of the park is the Taitung Valley and Taitung Coastal Mountain Range. The west flank is the Alishan Mountain Range, where as the south flank consists of the South Cross-island Road and Kuanshan. The north flank is Tungpu Village and Zhintashan. The park area crosses Nantou, Chiayi, Hualien and Kaohsiung County.Yishan National Park’s landscape is made-up of highlands, rivers and valleys. There are more than 30 mountains of altitude 3,000 meters or higher. These include Yishan’s

main peak, Shiuku Mountain, Tafenchian Mountain and Mapolas Mountain. These mountain ranges are picturesque and majestic. Visitors will be enchanted by views of snow capped mountains, seas of clouds and highland colorful clouds etc.
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By Car :
1. National number 1 highway(國道一號), exit Sijhih offramp(汐止系統交流道), connect to National number 5 highway(國道五號), pass Hsuehshan Tunnel(雪山隧道), exit Suao offramp(蘇澳交流道) head towards Tai 9 route(台9號), after reaching Yuli(玉里), connect to Tai 18 route(台18線) to Yushan National Park(玉山國家公園).

Nantou Hotels

Sun Moon Lake Einhan Resort

Sun Moon Lake Einhan Resort
Sun Moon Lake Einhan Resort is gracefully located in Sun Moo…
TWD 3,388+

Nantou Hsi-Tau Ginkgo Hotel

Nantou Hsi-Tau Ginkgo Hotel
Ginkgo Hotel is close to Sitou Forest Recreation Park in Nan…
TWD 2,800+

Slow motion B&B

Slow motion B&B
Slow motion B&B is located in Toushe Basin, Nantou. It is cl…
TWD 1,200+

Sun Moon Lake Taihu Resort

Sun Moon Lake Taihu Resort
Sun Moon Lake Taihu Resort is a comfortable hotel with ideal…
TWD 1,880+

Cingjing Brilliant Twins of Sea…

Cingjing Brilliant Twins of Seattle
Cingjing Brilliant Twins of Seattle is wonderfully located i…
TWD 3,880+

Hoti - Guest House Nantou Puli

Hoti - Guest House Nantou Puli
Hoti - Guest house Nantou Puli is loceted on Provincial High…
TWD 2,000+

Nantou Cingjing Shangrila Hangi…

Nantou Cingjing Shangrila Hanging Garden & Resort
Shangrila Hangling Garden Resort is located at CingJing Farm…
TWD 3,000+

Hotel Tilun Dongpu spa

Hotel Tilun Dongpu spa
Ti Lun Tonpo Hotel is located in Hsinyi Township; near Cheny…
TWD 2,199+