Taiwan Maple Tourism

Taiwan is a beautiful country with enriched nature resources. Each year, visitors from all over the world visit Taiwan for her hot springs, night markets, maple scenic spots and many others.

Taiwan Maples

Located in a tropical region, Taiwan maples are best viewed in November to January. Visitors may enjoy seeing various types of maples in Taiwan, including acer serrulatum, acer buergerianum, acer morrisonesense, liquidambar formorsana hance, terminalia catappa, etc. Moreover, visitors are recommended to reserve nearby hotels early to enjoy a delightful Taiwan travel.

Maple Scenic Areas in Northern Taiwan

Yangmingshan National Park

Yangmingshan National Park is a close neighbor of Taipei metropolis with a total area of eleven thousand and four hundred fifty-six hectares and elevation ranges from two hundred meters to one thousand and one hundred twenty meters. The types of maple that you may see in Yangmingshan National Park are Liquidambar formorsana Hance and Acer serrulatum.

Manyueyuan National Forest Recreation Area (Full Moon National Forest Recreation Area)

Located in Sanxia Town, Taipei County, the Full Moon Forest Recreation Area is enriched with natural river resources. Due to its enriched water resource, it’s an excellent place for the habitations of plants. Especially during autumn till spring, visitors may enjoy amazing and beautiful sceneries of maples. It is considered the best place to enjoy beauties of maples in northern Taiwan. The Full Moon Forest Recreation Area is not only known for beautiful maple sceneries, but it’s also known for the excellent bird watching location!

Sheipa Leisure Farm

Located near Sheipa National Park, Sheipa Leisure Farm is benefited with amazing views of Sheipa mountains, sunrise, mist seas, and stars. Especially during autumn until winter, visitors are offered with romantic maple sceneries and seven magnificent nature sceneries.

Maple Scenic Areas in Central Taiwan

Ao Wanta National Forest Recreation Area

Located in Nantou, Ao Wanta is the most famous maple scenic spot in Taiwan. With amazing and unforgettable maple sceneries, it has earned the name: “Home for Maples”. During autumn until winter, the maples always allure numerous visitors to visit and take photos.

Tung Shih Forest Garden

Known as Yangmingshan National Park of central Taiwan, it has the most beautiful forest garden in central Taiwan. With a total area of two hundred and twenty five hectares and an altitude ranges from five hundred to seven hundred meters, the forest garden is enriched with beautiful flowers, and abundant plants and animals. The maple scenic area of Tung Shih Forest Garden covers an area of twelve hectares, noted as the largest maple scenic area in Taiwan. Visitors may relax and indulge in the spacious garden with the flaming maple leaves.

Maple Scenic Area in Southern Taiwan

Alishan Forest Recreation Area

Located in Chiayi County, Alishan Forest Recreation Area is one of the most well-known tourist spots in Taiwan. The sunrise and sunset views, misty seas, and mountain railway often make tourists to linger on. Other popular attractions in Alishan Forest Recreation Area that one shall not miss are Sisters’ Lake, Alishan Divine Woods, Alishan Post Office, etc. In addition, the maple scenic area in Fenchihu is a new maple site for one to explore.

Maple Scenic Areas in Eastern Taiwan

Taipingshan Forest Recreation Area

With amazing sceneries of autumn tints, Taipingshan Forest Recreation Area has earned a beautiful name “Fairyland on Earth”. Located in Yilan, Datung Village, it has an altitude of a thousand and nine hundred fifty meters above sea level, and it offers breathtaking views of misty seas. Each year during autumn, Taipingshan Forest Recreation Area is colored in red by the maples. Visitors may appreciate the beautiful views there.

Honye Village (Red Leaves Village)

Located in Taitung, Honye (literary means Red Leaves in Mandarin) is famous for being surrounded by reddish maple trees. Visitors may enjoy the romantic ambience by the maple trees and breathe phytoncide.

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