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Kaohsiung Attractions

Kaohsiung City ─ Heart of Love River(Ruyi Lake)
As a world famous destination of Kaohsiung, the Heart of Love River is also a new landmark in Kaohsiung. It is also the terminal of the love boat travelling route. It is an artificial lake, which is divided into two parts: East and West. It is an ideal place for you to find a variety of plants and plankton. Also, the river is very close to the most prosperous downtown street, which is a good place for visitors to experience local culture. You can enjoy the natural beauty as well as the colorful city life, especially in the romantic night.

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Drive on your own:
No. 1 National Highway (國道一號) -> exit from Dingjing Interchange (鼎金系統交流道) ->Dazhong 1st Road (大中一路) -> Dazhong 2nd Road (大中二路) -> Boai 3rd Road (博愛三路) -> Heart of Love River (愛河之心(如意湖))

By Kaohsiung KRT:
Take Kaohsiung KRT-Red Line (捷運紅線) to KRT Houyi Station (捷運後驛站). From exit no. 1 of KRT Houyi Station, take bus no. R30 (紅30) to Heart of Love River (愛河之心(如意湖))

Kaohsiung Hotels

Kaohsiung Ever Luck Hotel

Kaohsiung Ever Luck Hotel
Ever Luck Hotel is a cozy Kaohsiung hotel with an excel…
TWD 2,050+

Backpackers Inn, Kaohsiung

Backpackers Inn, Kaohsiung
Backpackers Inn is located nearby Kaohsiung metro Centr…
TWD 423+

F HOTEL Kaohsiung

F HOTEL Kaohsiung
Located in Yanchengpu District of Kaohsiung City, F HOT…
TWD 2,520+

Orange Hotel - Liouhe

Orange Hotel - Liouhe
Orange Hotel-Liouhe is a budget-friendly Kaohsiung hote…
TWD 1,780+


Only 5 min walk to City Council KRT Station and 15 min …
TWD 1,300+

Red Residence Hotel Kaohsiung

Red Residence Hotel Kaohsiung
Opened in 2013, Red Residence Hotel Kaohsiung provide…
TWD 999+

Kaohsiung Han-Hsien Internation…

Kaohsiung Han-Hsien International Hotel
Han-Hsien International Hotel is a comfortable Kaohsiun…
TWD 2,599+

Uni-Resort Sizihwan

Uni-Resort Sizihwan
Uni-Resort Sizihwan features the best view of the bay e…
TWD 2,860+