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Taipei City ─ Taipei Water Park
Taipei Water Park-
Taipei Water Park is one of the facilities invested by Taipei Water Department. It functions as an educational place that introduces people how to use water Taipei Water Park locates at an ideal location near Gongguan Night Market and National Taiwan University. The park is an educational contribution by the Taipei Water Department. Its principle is to introduce water resources of Taiwan and instruct correct ways of water usage.

In year 2007, another interesting, attractive establishment was installed. The new establishment is called Aqua-Friendly Experience and Education Area; it offers fun water facilities. Facilities such as Pirate Ship Fuzzy Water Glide, Friction Experiencing Channel, Spiral Centrifuge Experiencing Channel, etc. Children are welcome to join exciting water games and abundant recreational facilities. Moreover, swimming pool, SPA pond, etc are popular for relaxations.

Another educational facility inside the park is called Museum of Drink Water; it provides knowledge and information of water resources. The museum has been awarded in 1933 as Tier-three historic site by the Ministry of the Interior of Taiwan. It was constructed in beautiful Baroque style, which often attracts people for taking romantic wedding photos.

For more information on Taipei Water Park, please visit the Taipei Water Park Official Website.

No.1, Sihyuan St., Jhongjheng District, Taipei City, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

opening hours:

Taipei Water Park:
From 9:00 am to 10:00 pm in Summer Period (from July 1 to Aug 31).

Other period than Summer Period:
From 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. Monday is the day off, but if Monday falls into holiday, it is open to the public as usual.

expenditure brief:

Summer Period: (July 1~Aug. 31)
Full fares $80 (NT)
Preferential fares $60 (NT)
Concession fares (for children under 12) $40 (NT)
School education fares $40 (NT)
Group fares $20% off for group of 30 or more (NT)

Non-Summer Period: (Sept. 1~June 30)
Full fares $50 (NT)
Preferential fares $50 (NT)
Concession fares (for children under 12) $25 (NT)
School education fares $25 (NT)
Group fares $20% off for group of 30 or more (NT)

The above fees are for reference purposes only; actual costs are informed at the actual venue and we do NOT give any prior notice.

available parking areas:

Visitors can take MRT, bus or car. It prepares 217 parking places for tourists. However, it is suggested to take public transportation system on holidays.

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Take Taipei MRT Danshui Red Line (捷運淡水線) to MRT Gongguan Station (捷運公館站). Walk towards Yongfu Bridge (永福橋) from exit no. 4 to Taipei Water Park (自來水園區).

By Bus:
Take bus no. 1, 30, 52, 74, 106, 109, 115, 208, 236, 251, 252, 253, 254, 278, 280, 284, 290, 291, 311, 505, 510, 606, 626, 642, 643, 644, 648, 649, 907 or 0 South (0南) to Gongguan stop (公館站). From there, walk along Lane 24 on Sec. 4 Roosevelt Road passing through Siyuan Road (思源路) to Taipei Water Park (自來水園區).

Drive on your own:
No. 1 National Highway (國道一號) -> Songjiang Road Interchange (松江路交流道) -> Jianguo Viaduct (建國高架橋) -> Heping E. Rod (和平東路) -> Xinhai Road (辛亥路) -> Tingzhou Road (汀洲路) -> make a right turn at Shiyuan Road (思源路) -> Taipei Water Park (自來水園區)

No. 3 National Highway (國道三號) -> No. 3-A Taiwan Expressway (台3甲) -> Xinhai Road (辛亥路) -> Keelung Road (基隆路) -> Dingzhou Road (汀洲路) -> make a left turn at Shiyuan Road (思源路) -> Taipei Water Park (自來水園區)