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Taipei City ─ Yangmingshan Hot Springs
Yangmingshan Hot Springs-
Located within the beautiful Yangmingshan National Park, Yangmingshan Hot Spring is a perfect place for urbanites to relax and revitalize. Visitors may simply access by a 30min ride from downtown Taipei which makes Yangmingshan Hot Spring a popular Taipei hot spring besides Beitou Hot Spring. The volcano landscape is the most special part of Yangmingshan Hot Spring. It has four major volcanic hot spring areas including the area bordering Yangmingshan National Park, Lengshuikeng, Macao and Huogengziping. Each of the hot springs has a distinctive feature, temperature and mineral contents.

Yangmingshan Hot Springs are mild alkaline sulfuric hot springs with a milky color and a temperate about 70 degrees Celsius. Many visitors choose to take hot spring baths in Macao for there are many hot spring hotels and resorts in the area. Also, special hot spring delicacies and vegetables are available at Zhuzihu and Lengshuikeng (Cold Water Depression). The high altitude location and hot spring water irrigation, tasty hot spring vegetables such as cabbages, loofah, tomato, sweet peppers, cucumber, spinach and many more are available to assure visitors a wonderful hot spring travel experience.

Visitors are also recommended to visit interesting scenic spots nearby including Takun Natural Park, Chingtienkang, and Xiaoyoukeng Scenic Area. 

Beitou District, Taipei City, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Quality of springs:

Mild alkaline sulfuric hot springs

service facilities:

Visitors may find many hot spring hotels and resorts are in Macao area.
Hot spring delicacies can be found in Zhuzihu and Lengshuikeng (Cold Water Depression)

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By Car:
1. From Taipei City, drive to Shilin area's Yangde Blvd(仰德大道), keep heading toward the mountain to reach Yangmingshan Hot Springs(陽明山溫泉) area.

By Bus:
1. Take bus route 109, 110, 111, 126, 127, 128, 130, 131, 219, 260 to Zhongshan Building stop(中山樓站) to reach.