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Taipei City ─ Guandu Temple
Guandu Temple-
Built in 1661, the Guandu Temple is the oldest temple in the northern region dedicated to Mazhu, the Goddess of the Sea. It was originally named Linshan Temple due to its location on Linshan Peak. Legend says that in 1895, three aged bayan trees in front of the temple withered at the same time overnight. The dwellers took this as a warning from Mazhu on a potential disaster and took precaution. True enough, not long after that, the Japanese invaded Guandu and burned down many houses. However, many people escaped unharmed, as they had moved away thanks to the foreboding omen.

The Guandu Temple is rich in history. The carving of the dragons on the pillars, stone lion sculptures, wall engravings and especially the doors, were very rare and skillful haniworks. Inside the chamber, more picturesque carvings and paintings are found on all 4 sides, pillars and ceilings. They are truly magnificent. At the altar, is none other than the statue of Mazhu. Her generals, Chianliyan (Thousand-mile eyes) and Soonfung-er (wind ears) are on both sides. The gentle smiling face of Mazhu is a great contrast to her fierce-looking generals.

On the right-hand side of the temple, there is an 80 meter long cave called Kufour Cave. Inside the cave, there are 28 statues of the heavenly emperors. At the end, there is another statue which is of the Thousand-hand and Thousand-eye Kuanyin. The hands and eyes represent goodness for all humans.

Behind this statue is the exit to the cave where visitors can rest and enjoy magnificent views of the river.

Mimi H.

No.360, Zhihhung Road, Beitou District, Taipei City, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

available parking areas:

A free carpark is available for 30 tourist coaches and 800 small vehicles

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By Car :
1. Drive from Shihlin(士林) or Beitou(北投) and at Guandu(關渡) follow signs next to the Masieh Nursing School(馬偕護校)

By Bus :
1. Take bus route 223, 302, 308, Zhinan 2(指南2), Zhinan 5(指南5), exit Guandu stop(關渡站).

1. Take MRT to Guandu MRT Station(關渡捷運站), walk towards sect.3 Dadu Rd 301 lane(大度路3段301巷) to reach the temple