Jiaosi Hot Spring Two-Day Tour


Jiaoxi Hot Spring

park / 老山羊部落格

Jiaoxi Hot Spring is one of a very rare hot springs in Taiwan that is extremely rich in minerals. The water of Jiaoxi Hot Spring is a sodium bicarbonate hot spring that is extremely rich in sodium, magnesium, calcium, potassium, and carbonic acid ions. 

Being sodium bicarbonate hot springs, Jiaoxi Hot Spring are odorless and clear, and it maintains a temperature of around 58° C. A soak in the pool is relaxing and comfortable, leaving the skin smooth but not sticky. As the water is drinkable, Jiaoxi Hot Springs vegetable is another well-known feature of Jiaosi.

Hot spring bath in Jiaosi is now very popular among tourists.  Hundred hotels, restaurants, and bath pools, make the area a unique hot spring village.

For more travel information on Jiaosi travel, you may visit the Yilan Tourist Information Center located in Jiaosi Park. The center is about 500 meters away from the train station.


From Taipei Bus Station:
Take GuoGuang Bus (King Bus) Binhai or Beiyi - Luodong Line to Jiaoxi.

By Train:
Take train to Jiaoxi Station.

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