Penghu International Fireworks Festival starts July 6

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The event has ended this year.
Penghu International Fireworks Festival is one of the biggest summer events in Taiwan. This year, the Penghu Ocean Fireworks Festival will take place from July 6 to September 3, lighting up the beautiful night sky of Penghu.
photo source_Penghu National Scenic Area Administration

photo source_Penghu National Scenic Area Administration

The 2020 Penghu International Fireworks Festival will take place from July 6 to September 3.In addition to the magnificent fireworks show on every Monday and Thursday within the event period, there will be famous Taiwan singers and performing groups, markets, and events that show the unique lifestyle of the locals. You can find local agricultural and fishery products, creative handicrafts, exotic food and many other incredible stalls at the market. Come and explore the local Penghu life with wonderful food, great music and fascinating fireworks!
Since 2003, the Penghu Ocean Fireworks Festival has been held annually and has become one of the biggest summer events of Taiwan. As some Taiwan Public Holidays are within the event period such as the Dragon Boat Festival and summer vacation, accommodation will be in great demand during the season. It is best to plan your trip and book hotels early to guarantee the rooms.
For Penghu accommodation, TravelKing recommends Hotel Ever Spring Penghu! Excellent location at downtown Magong City, Penghu, Hotel Ever Spring Penghu is close to the event venue and other must-visit sites including Magong Old Wall, Shuncheng Gate, Matsu Temple, Four-eyed well, as well as some popular local shops for some souvenir shopping.

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Hotel Ever Spring Penghu


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