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Penghu Trans-Oceanic Bridge or called Penghu Great Bridge is located in Baisha, Penghu. Connecting Baisha Island and Xiyu Island (Yuwong Island), the bridge was built to solve the transportation inconvenience of the islands. The bridge began construction in 1965 and completed in 1970. It is the first deep depth oversea bridge in Southeast Asia, globally renowned. Long 2478 meter, wide 5.1 meters and 7 emergency space along the way. It’s the main transportation route of Penghu.

Penghu Trans-Oceanic Bridge has been around for decades. The support has been eating by years of wind and currents. Due to the massive loading of tourist traffic, the road was in need of maintenance. On Jan 1st, 1996 the new Penghu Trans-Oceanic Bridge was complete. Long 2494 meters, wide 13 meters, the bridge majestically linked the island once again. Continue to fulfill the duty of heavy transportation while becoming a tourist attraction. The stunning arch shaped bridge frame is the major landmark in this area. A walk across the bridge with pounding waves and rapid water flowing underneath the bridge is truly an exhilarating experience.

Dachung Island
Dachung Island is located between Baisha Island and Yuwong Island. It is the best location to view the bridge. Dachung Island is around 18 hectare, is also famous for the fish grounds. It played an important part of fishing industry in Penghu. Thus it was nicknamed the pearl of inland sea.

Penghu Travel
Penghu is rich in small islands and ocean resources. The most popular and must visit attractions include Tianhou Temple, Crab Museum, Oceanic Long-span Bridge, Fishermen’s Wharf, Jibei Island, Whale Cave, and Chikan Wharf. It is a great place to enjoy whale watching and beach side activities.
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By Car
From Makong, Penghu
Take the No.3 County Road heading north
Passing Zhongzheng Bridge, Yongan Bridge, Baisha, Tonglian
To reach Penghu Trans-Oceanic Bridge

By Bus
Take the bus from Makong City heading Tonglian or Waian
To reach the brdige

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