Sichongxi Hot Spring

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Situated on the Sichong riverbank and 5km East of Checheng in Pingtung, it is a popular hot spring location in Southern Taiwan. It is in fact, one of the four most renowned hot springs in Taiwan along with Yangminshan, Beitou and Guanziling. With most of the hot springs located in the Northern part of Taiwan, Sichongxi Hot Spring stood out in Southern Taiwan.

It was told, this was the place where the Japanese Emperor’s brother went for the honeymoon during the Japanese Colonial Period and Sichongxi hot Spring was more and more popular since. The clear spring water is considered top mineral water. It is of alkaline type, and highly rich in sodium carbonate. It is drinkable and has been known to have healing effects. It is very good for circulation and sore muscles.

There is more to Sichongxi than just the famous hot spring. It is also a popular place for viewing beautiful natural scenery. Up in the mountains in a quiet and elegant environment, you can appreciate the beautiful terrains and stone trails. Visitors can soak comfortably in the hot springs or take a hike on the mountain trails and embraced the great scenic beauty of nature. Its tranquil atmosphere has made it an extremely popular venue for summer retreats.
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By Car
From the Siaogan Highway Interchange exit onto Provincial Route 17 heading eastbound, passing Linbian to Fungliau,
Proceed Provincial Route no.1 southbound to Fungkan
Continue on Provincial Route no.26 to Cheechan.
Then change to no.199 district lane and continue straight towards Mudan direction and you shall arrive.

By Bus
From Kaohsiung, take the express bus bound for Hengchun and Kenting National Park.
Alight at Cheechan. Then transfer to Henchuen express bus bound for Mudan and alight at Sichongxi.

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