Shanghai, the beautiful dynamic city of China is renowned for its enriched diverse cultures, histories, and commercial developments. Being the epitome of China’s history for the recent 100 years, Shanghai occupies an area of 6340 square kilometers and has an approximate population of more than 18 millions making it one of the five China’s largest cities. Due to its geological advantage in central China and the well-preserved historical developments, Shanghai has become China’s gateway to the world for foreign investments and international affairs, as well as been chosen to be the host city of World Expo 2010. Overall, Shanghai represents the fusion of traditional and modern China.

Shanghai is comprised of two areas divided by the Huangpu River. The older town on the west bank is known as Puxi, while the rising new district on the east is the Pudong New District. These two areas of Shanghai are well-integrated, providing Shanghai with a traditional Chinese ambience but also has her unique foreign flair that no other China city can compare to.

The erected skyscrapers, bustling traffic, fast-paced lifestyle, and glamorous night activities continually draw people to this booming city. Shanghai is an excellent city whether you are here for business or leisure. The contemporary Oriental Pearl TV Tower, beautiful Yuyuan Garden, vivid Huaihai Road and Nanjing Road plus many other Shanghai spots will assure you a memorable Shanghai travel.