Yuyuan Garden(Yu Garden)
Yuyuan Garden(Yu Garden)-
Yu Garden is one of the most important attractions when tourists do Shanghai travel. It was built in Ming Dynasty from 1559 to 1577, as the private garden of an administration commissioner of Sichuan Province. Yu Garden was later reconstructed in scale, making it a grandly noble garden and reputed as the top garden among Southeast Asia gardens. Yu Garden is the model of classical Chinese gardening architecture under state preservation. Covering over two hectares, Yu Garden is famous for several architecture marvels, including the Big Rockery, the Jade Boulder and so on. At Yu Garden, visitors are able to experience the ancient architecture in China and to take pictures in traditional costumes of Qing Dynasty. Near Yu Garden located the Town God's Temple. Built in the 15th century and renovated in 1926, Town God's Temple is the well-known temple in Shanghai City, as one of the historical sites in this city. Combining Yu Garden and Town God's Temple makes the Shanghai Yuyuan Tourist Mart, which features streets and shops of Chinese jade and traditional handicrafts, as well as those of local snacks. Shanghai Yuyuan Tourist Mart is the best place for souvenir purchasing after tourists' tour in Yu Garden. Shanghai Yuyuan Tourist Mart, Yu Garden and Town God's Temple are tourists' must-go for an enriched Shanghai travel experience. For the convenience of your Shanghai travel in China, below is a selection of nearby Shanghai hotels. For more sightseeing attractions in Shanghai, please visit our Shanghai Tourism website for a map to guide your China tour and to find your ideal China hotel.
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Subway No 2. line, get off at Nanjing Rd (E). stop. Transfer to bus Route 66 and get off at Fu You Road Stop.