Egret Island - Xiamen

The name of Xiamen has the meaning of "China's gate".  Voted as China's cleanest city, Xiamen travel is famous for its appealing seascape due to its location near the coast. For the reason, here has been a major seaport since long time ago, boasting a wide gulf. Situated near the ocean, Xiamen attracts lots of egrets; thus, Xiamen is also called Egret Island.

With mild weather all year round here, you can enjoy an ideal touring environment during your Xiamen tourism. Here, you can see a variety of tourist attractions, including islands, mountains, temples, sea and so on during your Xiamen trip. When you take the sea tourist line, you will feel surprised to find many more small islands around.

Besides the buildings of local culture and history, some infrastructures and entertainment centers are established in order to promote the tourism industry. The attractions here are easily accessible on foot for most travelers arriving from other cities or countries. Also, here is a shopping paradise for your Xiamen tour. Local specialities are rich in variety, including various kinds of tealeaves, fruits like sugarcanes, olives and longans as well as sea products such as fish, prawns, crabs, abalones and lancelets. Local dishes and snacks are the things you should never miss for your Xiamen travel. Xiamen guide introduces you Xiamen vacation, Xiamen holiday, Xiamen hotel, Xiamen china hotel, Xiamen hotel reservation, Xiamen booking and attractions, such as Gulangyu and so on.