Delicacies and Cuisine in Xiamen

If you are interested in the Fujian cuisine, Xiamen cuisine must be on your list. You can find various tastes of food, including light, crispy and slightly spicy, popular Xiamen dishes are introduced as following.


Fried Oysters (oyster-egg pancake)

Fried Oysters are small oysters mixed in starch and egg batter. Often times it is served with a special sauce. It is a traditional Chinese snack that is still popular today.


Radish Omelet

Radish omelet is a Taiwanese dish loved by most foreigners and locals. It is simple but tasty. Quick-fry some pieces of preserved dry radish and garlic. Then mix them with a beaten egg, and then fry the egg until it looks golden. The dish radish omelet is a delicious side dish that goes well with rice and porridge.


Due to the location near the southeast coast of China, Xiamen is rich in seafood. The sea products are both fresh and various. Since Qing Dynasty, the seafood locally has been always a traditional delicacy make from fresh local fish, prawns, crabs and more, with the various flavor seasonings.

Shao Mai

“Shao Mai” or common referred as “steamed dumpling” in English is one of the loveliest of traditional Chinese snack. Shao mai are steamed dumplings with open-topped, the filling visible at top and the wrapper pinched into pleats make up a shape of flower.  There would be various kind of meat to be chosen in any Chinese snack restaurant.  Each one is adorable and delicious.

Soup dumpling

Soup dumpling is a top delicacy in Chinese snacks.  No travelers would like to miss this unforgettable taste in China.  A proper soup dumpling should have the same number of folds at the top, the skins that hold the meat are very thin and very stretchy.  About spoon sized and soup inside dumping.  As you carefully pick one up with your chopsticks, you could literally see the weight of the soup pressing the skin down, almost rip the thin skin apart.  The perfectly balance of skin, soup and meat makes a flavorful explosion in just one bite.

Vegetable Dishes

With vegetable oil, flour, beans, vegetables and fruits, vegetable dishes are famous for their healthy materials. You can find them in Nanputuo Temple. It is a typical dish for Buddhist, and a must-eat dish for Buddhists coming from other countries.

Spring Rolls

The fillings of spring rolls include shredded carrots and bamboo shoots, green peas, shredded meats and shrimp, tofu, and so on. Usually, the spring rolls are added with salt and soy sauce, wrapped in the spring roll wrappers and served with mustard, chili sauce, plum sauce, scrambled eggs, leeks, and Chinese parsley (coriander).