Xiamen Featured Roads

Zhongshan Road

Zhongshan Road is one of the top ten Chinese traditional roads.  The total length is over 1200 meter. This prosperous commercial areas in Xiamen has a very long history, the architecture along the road is a fusion of East and West.  A big amount of small retail stores here together with the large shopping centers, are characterized by a variety of items as well as a fairness of price.  The Buses Nos.2, 3, 4, 10, 12, 23, 25, 27, and 30 pass the road, the easy transport access made it not only easy to get to but also very crowded.  Many stores open from nine o'clock in the morning until late night.  The nearby Lady Street and North and South Siming Road are also places good for shopping.


Longtou Road on the Gulangyu Island

If you want to buy some special souvenirs in Xiamen, this is the ideal place for you. Longtou Road is the main commercial street on Gulang Yu and features diverse tourist souvenirs.  There are various stores on both sides of the street selling handicrafts, painting and calligraphy.  You can find traditional local crafts here in fair price, and those very popular items include lacquer wares, colored sculptures, bead embroidery and colored figurines from all over the country.  Longtou Road is also a good place to buy dried fish and dried mushroom, peanut crisp, etc.  Otherwise, we intensively suggest you to bargain, it's best to bargain so that you won't be overcharged.


Xiahe Road

Xiahe Road may be the most familiar to travelers.  It is a comfortable environment and pleasant shopping area in Xiamen.  Xiahe Road is a newly formed commercial street in Xiamen.  A variety of large commercial plazas and shopping malls are erected along the road, offering a large number of good quality commodities and items.


Egret Alluvion Shopping and Entertainment City

The Egret Alluvion Shopping and Entertainment City is on the routes of the Buses Nos.8, 12, 26, and 72, you may enjoy convenient transportation. It is a bustling center providing restaurants, shopping malls and various entertainments.  Besides, a series of small theme parks are there, which often present traditional folk programs and performances.  You'll be guaranteed a different shopping experience here.


SM City Plaza

The SM City Plaza is situated at the intersection of Xianyue Road and Jiahe Road, with a construction area of 126,000 square meters and six floors.  It has offered a combined emporium of furniture, home appliances, and daily commodities. Other facilities include a gymnasium, an exhibition center, a business club and some restaurants.  The best of the mall is the collection of special local products from Xiamen on the first floor.  The clothes sold here are all in fashionable style and the electronic products are the latest in the market.  Otherwise, it has the best bookstore in Fujian Province.


Binlang Bar Street

For nightlife seeker, Binlang Bar Street is a popular nightlife venue especially among young people and foreigners.  Featured bars and pubs with their unique styles and characters can be easily found here to offer a wide range of choices.  For instance, the Night-Shanghai Pub is furnished in an old fitment style of Shanghai in the 1920s; the Jurassic Bar creates a lively scene of the Jurassic Period with dinosaurs; the Cleopatra Bar features fantastic performance of Egyptian style, etc.  An amount of bars and pubs in the street or other parts of Xiamen will be good places for entertainment and fun.


Nanhua Cultural Bar Street

The other corner of Xiamen provides a different style of nightlife, peaceful and leisurely.  Nanhua Cultural Bar Street offers you many places to enjoy the serene and comfortable night time.  Besides, cafes and teahouses around the area in the city are perfect places for you to avoid the noisy crowd, here you can have a talk with friends at a quiet piano bar or lounge bar.