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Shanghai is a city of diverse contrasts, where visitors may choose to sip a cocktail in a thematic bar overlooking the Bund, eat Chinese dumplings and snacks at a street stall, gaze at a historical Buddhist monastery in a few hours Shanghai tour.
Summer can be hot and humid, winter can be cold and freezing, but Shanghai is always full of energy and dynamic!

As one of the first Chinese cities to open to Western trade and most developed, Shanghai is one of China’s most expensive cities for all kinds of expenses and also the home for many tycoons. Many regional and international brands have chosen Shanghai to be their destination for flagship stores. Other than explore the enriched local cultures and historical spots, do not forget to enjoy a Shanghai shopping experience!

   Main Streets in Shanghai   

Due to the rapid growth of Shanghai’s economy internationally and locally, Shanghai is now one of the most popular China cities tycoons choose to reside. The charms of Shanghai are waiting for your explorations!

Shanghai never sleeps! Shanghai is not only famous for its day activities but visitors are also invited to explore another face of Shanghai- the Shanghai nightlife. With the convenience of different transport links: underground, bus, and taxi. Visitors may enjoy a comprehensive and convenient Shanghai travel.


Dongtai Road Antique Market
Huaihai Road
HengShan Road
Hongmei Road
Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street
Shanghai Old Street
YunNan Road



  Recommended Shanghai Tours 


Shanghai is a beautiful city which features a great deal of cultural, historical, and natural tourist attractions. Today, you may appreciate the beauties of the precious wonderland by the theme tours, one-day tours at Shanghai notable spots to three-day city excursion tours that TravelKing has prepared to assure you a memorable China travel.

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