Huaihai Road Shopping District
Huaihai Road Shopping District-Shanghai Champs Avenue
As Champ Elysees in France, Huaihai Road Shopping Street is the paradise for shopping and traveling in Shanghai City. This street boasts some 400 stores and shops. Famous for selling numerous female goods, Huaihai Road is lined with classical and elegant architecture, as well as modern buildings. The exterior appearance and interior layout of buildings demonstrate a strong cultural flavor of a city, selling exquisite goods in the world. Huaihai Road symbolizes more of a taste, style and fashion. The fashionable department stores, such as Isetan, Sogo, Paris Perfume, and Time Square are on this street, all of which are well-known for exquisite works, modern design and fine material of dressing and accessories. For those who enjoy fashion shopping, Huaihai Road Shopping Street is one of the best choices.International Shopping Center occupies a floor space of 40,000 square meters and is a place for shopping, food, amusement and office work. It has a unique layout and has paths among streets, small stores in big shops and small gardens among big ones. It has consists shops such as Huating Istan, Blue Belt International Amusements, and Fragrant Island Gourmet Food Plaza. On the 6th floor, there are all kinds of specialty merchandise stores. It is ideal place for customers to enjoy the elegant environment, unique fashionable design, and the best price as well. It also include couple specialized duty-free shops that supplies imported merchandise. The International Shopping Center is located at the intersection of Huaihai Zhong Road and Chengdu Road.Parkson Shopping Center is one of the main consumption places on Huihai Road. In the Spacious and bright shopping center, you may buy all the best commodities from the world, which are arranged in an appreciate way. The customers may not only buy the goods, but also enjoy the layout. Here you will find reasonable prices and many special offers in the form of discounts and other promotions. Even the brand-name clothing is reasonably priced here. Clothes, footwear, and gold jewelry are the most attractive things in this center. Parkson Shopping Center is located on 918 Huaihia Zhong Road.Women's Article Shop is the first of its kind in the country and has a special counter of clothes of middle-aged women. This shop deals famous, new and special commodities and high-grade commodities from other parts of the country or imported from other countries. Women’s Article Shop is located on 449 Huaihai Road.Paris Spring Department Store Co. demonstrates a mixture of French and classical architecture and a modern style, selling clothes of the top international brands. The department store is located on 939 HuaiHai Road.For the convenience of your Shanghai travel in China, below is a selection of nearby Shanghai hotels. For more sightseeing attractions in Shanghai, please visit our Shanghai Tourism website for a map to guide your China tour and to find your ideal China hotel.
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