The Oriental Pearl TV Tower
The Oriental Pearl TV Tower-Oriental Pearl
With the height of 468 meters, the Oriental Pearl TV Tower is a member of the World Federation of Great Towers, and also the world’s 3rd tallest TV tower. Located in Pudong Park of Lujiazui, Shanghai, the stunning Oriental Pearl TV forms an interesting picture of “two dragons playing with pearls” by the Yangpu Bridge in the northeast and Nanpu Bridge on the southwest.

Designed by Jiang Huan Cheng, an architect of the Shanghai Modern Architectural Design Co., Ltd Construction, the Oriental Pearl TV Tower is one of the Shanghai must-sees which features an unique architectural design. This fabulous attraction is supported with 3 seven-meter wide stanchions on the base, 11 steel large and small spheres established vertically through the 3 nine-meter wide columns in the center, including 3 large spheres known as the space module and 8 spheres on the tower base.

Completed in 1995, the Oriental Pearl TV Tower is a Shanghai landmark that attracts thousands of visitors each year for fabulous sceneries offered at the 3 different observatory levels. The highest observatory is known as the Space Module which is located at 350m high; the other two are located at the Sightseeing Floor at 263m and 259m high plus Space City at 90m high. The tower features 6 elevators with two medium-sized elevators, and a double-decked transparent elevator. The elevators have the capacity of 50 people each with a speed of 7 meters per second, bringing you to the highest sphere on a 40-second elevator ride.

This Shanghai TV tower is established to accommodate the various needs in tourism, dining, shopping, entertainments, and audiovisual broadcasting. Functioning as a TV transmission tower yet comprised of a sightseeing hall on the lower sphere, the Shanghai Municipal History Museum on the tower’s pedestal, a revolving restaurant offering a remarkable dining experience with panoramic city views, and a 20-room Space Hotel situated in between the two large spheres. With the distinctive design and a wide array of functions, the Oriental Pearl TV Tower is where you can’t miss for your Shanghai travel!
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By bus: Take bus no.81, 82, 85, 870, 871, 872, 961, Cailu Special Line, Luchuan Special Line or Tourism Line 3 and get off at Oriental Pearl Station.
By subway: Take Subway Line 2 and get off at Lujiazui Station.