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lishan Maples

Alishan Maples

Alishan Maples – November to January
Alishan area features different zones include tropical, temperate and cold zone that led to picturesque sceneries of plants and rare ecosystems such as Formosan Macaque and Mikado Pheasants. The romantic Alishan maples are best-viewed from November through January and can be found in the areas of Tashan (Mt. Ta), Alishan Highway, Zhongzhen Highway as well as Zhushan and Alishan Forest Recreation Area. There are different kinds of maples in the Alishan area include Acer rubrum, Acer palmatum Thunb, Green Maple, Koelreuteria henryi Dummer, Machilus thunbergii and many more. The Green Maple can be seen around the Alishan House, Zhiyun Temple, and Zhushan Station. Visitors may stay at Alishan House to appreciate fabulous sceneries of cherry blossoms and maples from the hotel.