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Cloud Sea by Mimi
Cloud Sea by Mimi
by Leon Tsai
Alishan attracts visitors from around the world for the breathtaking scenery. Aside from the original 5 scenery wonders as tourist hot spot, Yuyupas established on June, 2010 in Leye, Alishan is definitely worth visiting as well. The new Alishan 8 senery wonders has added the new sacred tree and Shanli Bridge. The attractions each possess distinctive features. All making your Alishan trip worthwhile.

Chiayi County Government and the Forestry Bureau have promoted Alishan internationally. First by establishing Yuyupas Tsou Cultural Park, then they add another 3 scenery wonders to the old 5. All 8 wonders are located within Alishan forest Recreation Area. Alishan has just become more than just train, sunrise and the cloud sea.

Yuyupas by Eva
Yuyupas by Eva
The 5 scenery wonders sunrise, cloud sea, sunset and railway has long been the great features of Alishan attracting visitors from around the world. The Forestry Bureau has bigger plan to promote Alishan. Now, the 8 scenery wonders are Tachanqi Rock, Mt. Shaoliyuan, Suishan Tree, Shanling Bridge, No.28 Tree, Ciyun Observatory, Shunyi Waterfall, and Alishan Sacred Tree. The natural wonders and breath taking sceneries will satisfy your Alishan holidays.

Yuyupas means rich and safe in Tsou, one of the indigenous tribe in Taiwan. Chiayi county Government organized the cultural park in order to restore the prosperity in the area after it was hit by the typhoon. Yuyupas in situated in Alishan around 1300 meters altitude. Over 2 hectares, though only around 3000 square meters is developed at the moment, tourism factory, tea shop, local cuisine restaurants and the local cultural center are open to public. It is a great place to experience the local aboriginal cultures.
Sacred Tree Monument by Eva
Sacred Tree Monument by Eva
Alishan Forest Recreation Area now features 8 scenery wonders. From the original 5 Tashanqi Rock for the cloud sea, Ciyun Observatory for the sunset, Mt. Shaoliyuan & Shunyi Waterfall for the mountain view & waterfall, Suishan & No.28 Tree, the old sacred tree monument to the new Shunling Bridge, which offers mysterious Japanese atmosphere, are all natural wonders Alishan has to offer.

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